They are the joke of parties. They are irritating and uncomfortable. But, the fact is, depending on the state of your health, a yeast infection actually can kill you. Of course, on the surface the contention that a yeast infection can kill you may sound like some sort of alarmist propaganda from the manufacturer of some sort of yeast infection suppository, cream or pill. But, the truth is inescapable: Yeast infections kill.

In order for you to actually understand the seriousness of a yeast infection, it is helpful for you to have a basic understanding of Candida albicans, or one of the most common types of fungi or yeast that gives rise to genital and oral yeast infections today. Technically speaking, Candida albicans is considered a ¡§diploid asexual fungus and a causal agent of opportunistic oral and genital infections in humans.¡¨ In simpler terms, Candida albicans is a type of yeast that naturally can be found in different parts of the human body:

- mouth

- vagina

- penis

- rectum

In healthy humans, there will be small amounts of Candida albicans in all of these bodily locations. It is estimated that under normal, balanced conditions, Candida albicans lives in human beings with no negative effect whatsoever. The problem occurs when a human body gets ¡§off balance¡¨ and the Candida albicans starts to grow unchecked. In such a situation, a yeast infection occurs.

If you are suffering from certain illnesses or disease ¡V including but not limited to cancers of different types, HIV, or AIDS ¡V or if you are a organ or bone marrow transplant patient or undergoing chemotherapy, Candida albicans can be a serious threat to your health. According to health care professionals from around the globe, Candida albicans is proving to be a significant cause of death in individuals who have repressed immune systems. Moreover, the status of a patient's immune system aside, these types of infections are spreading at a tremendous pace in intensive care units amongst patients who would not otherwise be in the previously identified high risk groups.

In the final analysis, if you are afflicted with or suffering from some other type of disease or health condition and discover that you have a yeast infection, you must obtain professional medical attention immediately. In the end, getting prompt medical attention and treatment actually can make the different between life and death.

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