Last night I had a dream of some very interesting events. A dream of change and allowing things to flow.

In my dream, I was working with a lot of people during the week at work. And on the weekends I would travel to a place that was not too far away to a rocky cove where people gathered to enjoy the crashing waves of the sea.

And one Friday I made my way to the rocky cove to find a good friend who decided to come over and enjoy the weekend with me taking photos and enjoying the outdoors. We were sleeping in the back of my pickup truck and it was cold outside. And some people came over with a beautiful car and they wanted to sell it and told me that if I would wash and polish their car… and make it bright and shiny new that they would pay me for my time.

And I didn’t have anything else to do so I was glad to make their car very clean and shiny. Plus it was early evening about 7:30 PM when I got done so there was lots of time to get some sleep and enjoy the next day on the beautiful coast. But my friend had already climbed into his sleeping bag and but was lying there awake. He said it was way too noisy and he could not get a wink of sleep so he gathered up his stuff and left.

But my friends leaving did not upset me at all, he had the right to do whatever he wanted to do. Then, I went to sleep and woke up the next morning to the most glorious sunrise I have ever seen in my life. It was spectacular and I took lots of photos and just sat there on a rock in a state of bliss.

To me, this dream means learning to go with the flow. To be willing to take what comes my way in a positive way… no matter what comes my way. Somethings will come and some things will go it’s all about perspective… and allowing what is to be… be. Good things will come from all of it.

Are You Going with the Flow and Loving it All?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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