If outdoor activities and sports in resplendent green mountains followed by evenings of candle lit dinners and wine by the lake intrigue you, then Banff should be the destination for your next vacation. A dream location for the naturalist at heart, Banff is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and offers world-class adventures and hospitality services. Whether you are seeking a relaxing family vacation or an adventurous outdoor getaway, choosing Banff as your next travel destination is a decision you won’t regret. The only debate you will have is deciding when to go, as both the winter and summer seasons have their respective benefits.

Few areas in the world encounter the dramatic shift in seasonal temperatures that occur in this area of Western Canada. During the cold months Banff becomes a winter wonderland. Home to some of the best mountains for skiing in the world, it would take months to conquer all of the available runs. There is so much variety that you can pick and choose where you want to ski based on the type of experience you want. Certain mountains are more gradual, designed for those with limited experience or for those who are seeking a relaxed day on the hills.

Conversely there are runs that challenge the experienced skier and professional alike, as many national events are held in this area. Regardless of what type of ski resort you are looking for, snowfall and conditions won’t be something to worry about. A long cold season allows resorts to groom and care for runs as trees become buried under deep snowpack. Fresh powder often awaits those who get there early.

A long cold season means that summer days are full of sunshine. During the summer Banff averages nearly 15 hours of sun a day! Ski resorts dry up and blossom into bike trails and rock climbing locations, and it is not uncommon to see elk in the downtown sector. Whether conquering a mountain or simply exploring one is the idea, the majestic Rocky Mountains are home to an incredible number of plants and animals that have adapted to life hundreds of feet above sea level. If you aren’t interested in extreme sports, there are literally hundreds of walking trails to explore complete with warm fresh water lakes to cool off in along the way.

Depending on the size of your group and the intentions of your visit, you may decide to stay in the town proper or stay closer to where the action takes place. For example, if you are visiting in the winter with the intentions of exploring one particular ski resort, then consider staying on the mountain itself. If the vacation is taking place during the summer, perhaps staying in the downtown region will be a better fit. There you have access to local shops and restaurants, and all the privacy you need for some rest and relaxation.

No matter where or when you choose to visit, you are guaranteed friendly service and world-class hospitality. Banff is a popular tourist destination and the town has quality amenities that aim to please. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the beauty of nature when you visit.

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