Major tax defaulters within the town could meet the same crisis just like the AC Market on Theatre Road. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation can begin raiding commercial property establishments who owe the civic body crores in the tax of commercial property in Kolkata.

Officials of the KMC financial department are currently operating overtime to organize a listing of major defaulters who are served notices. Defaulters who don't pay the tax even when being served such notices can realize distress warrants landing at their doorsteps.

Though the KMC is eyeing people who owe the civic body Rs one crore or a lot more, municipal commissioner Mr. Arnab Roy has asked financial department officers to arrange an inventory of these defaulters who owe the KMC something over Rs 30 Lakh. In the primary phase, we tend to might raid commercial property in Kolkata prime business locations. Home owners of an outsized range of properties in BBD Bag are habitual tax defaulters. Besides, the department has targeted on prime commercial property in Kolkata location Park Circus, conceded a KMC official. However, the KMC won't raise state government departments to pay outstanding property tax. Instead, it'll go in for changes in case these departments have demands on the civic body.

A special drive would be undertaken shortly to appreciate outstanding amounts from defaulters. However, the civic authorities have determined to exercise caution whereas raiding establishments with multiple tenants. An outsized variety of traders had raised objection when the civic authorities raided AC Market. Immediate relief came for the traders when Mamata Banerjee intervened.

The KMC modified their type of raid following the CM’s intervention. As we may have to connect rent in buildings where there are an outsized variety of traders. Rather than paying rent to the owner, the tenants pays it on to the KMC.

Municipal commissioner Mr. Arnab Roy has asked senior civic officers to stay a tab on the main defaulters who owe the civic body Rs one crore or additional. Until date solely 2 defaulters owing the civic body Rs one crore or additional have paid their dues. However, around 650 defaulters within the vary of Rs one lakh have already paid their property tax.

The MMiC felt habitual defaulters ought to return forward and avail of the waiver provide. It’s adequate if they come forward on their own. If they fail to pay up, we'll take stern steps against them.As they need ready a listing of major defaulters who are however to pay the principal quantity while not paying the interest. They're going to paste posters on the walls of those properties and raise them to pay. If they fail to pay by the deadline for the waiver scheme, they're going to raid the property in Kolkata of the main property tax defaulters and should eventually attach their properties.

The urge to teach habitual defaulters a lesson stems from all too obvious statistics that of 3.5 lakh evaluated, 301 defaulters alone owe KMC Rs 900 crore of the Rs 2600 crore outstanding property tax. The KMC financial record book shows that a majority of tax defaulters in Kolkata watch for waivers to dodge interests on the principal sum they owe.

Records show that the civic body mopped up Rs 157 crore from the 2001 waiver scheme. When the waiver provided was reorganised in 2004 and in this phase the KMC gathered about Rs 250 crore as several additional major defaulters who had been silent throughout the primary waiver applied for the second.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation had tough task to convince the Kolkata state government and the governor M K Narayanan to approve this third waiver theme.

State finance department officers recommended that no more than fifty percent of interest on outstanding property tax ought to be waived. However, once a series of discussions with state municipal affairs department and therefore the KMC high officials, it had been determined that the civic body may waive up to ninety five percent interest on outstanding sums less than Rs one lakh.

For defaulters owing between Rs one lakh to five lakh, KMC offered seventy five percent waiver of interest whereas major defaulters with outstanding sums exceeding Rs one crore can get a fifty percent waiver on accumulated interest.

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