In the new modern world with many internet user and many more connecting to the net everyday, it does seem strange that some people still have an internet free home. Whether this is by choice or circumstances, there are free places where anyone can use the internet if their home situation will not allow them to. For the overwhelming majority of internet users and surfers, home is the ideal location to use the internet. It is also common to see friends accessing the web from a friend's home for some internet time.

A huge number of those that don't have home access will use their job as a place to get online. Even people that do have web access at home will still use the office computer to get online for a variety of reasons, not all of them work related. The most common place for people to get online at no cost, other than using a friend's access, would be at the public library. It is not all books at the library anymore. You can now rent movies, use the web, and even go to classes at some locations.

In the educational realm, schools at every level and discipline offer access to the internet. In addition there are community centers that give people time to experience the web. Because of all the public computer stations that are available, especially school settings, students are being taught at a very young age and adapt very quickly. Experts believe that this early training for children is very important for their development as well as their safety. This is a great tool for them to tap into that can take them far in life.

As modernized as the US is, it still has one fourth of its population that never use the internet. This 25% could be theorized as having no interest in anything going on associated with the internet. This is actually a pretty large percentage of the population in a modern and developed nation. Many researchers believe that the rural populations account for the large percentage not taking advantage of the web and all it has to offer.

When you look at the numbers compiled from data about people that don't use the internet at home, a few things will start to stand out and are noticeable. One of the most common factors for people that don't have the net at home is education. The less education that an individual has the more likely that he will not use the net at all. The same is true for those that make the least amount of money. On the opposite end People that have a college education and that have more than a hundred grand in yearly household income are more likely to be regular internet users.

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