Arc flash is a phenomenon that takes place when for some reasons the electrical energy collapses the air resistance which causes current to flow between the phase conductors or the ground or maybe neutral. The reason for an arc flash is generally lack of servicing, risky work methods and moreover inappropriate training for the staff. An arc flash can be extremely dangerous because it leads to a huge release of electricity that could lead to explosion and incredibly high temperatures. So, arc flash may lead to severe injuries and sometimes death.

Generally, arc flashes are quite harmful, that workers that are working even over and above 10 feet from the arc center get injured. The injuries are generally harming since they cause loss of eyesight, hearing and furthermore intense burns. There is also collateral financial damage, in form of cost of treatment of the worker, loss of manufacturing as a result of equipment failure, litigation and moreover insurance fees and also penalties to the safety regulators.

About OSHA and its health guidelines

Occupational Safety and Health Administrator (OSHA) is the body responsible to apply the laid down arc flash safety standard (NFPA 70 E 2000). OSHA identifies electric arc flash as a risk. Although, OSHA does not mandate that companies must incorporate NFPA 70E for the safety of its workers from the threats of arc flash, although it does accept NFPA as a recognized industry practice which should be used as guide for the incorporation and moreover enforcement of safety practices.

Safety and health programs

As per OSHA arc flash guidelines, each and every company is in charge of the assessment of arc flash hazards at the work place, records of the assessment, training of the employees in arc flash safety, and furthermore provision of personal protective equipment as well as warning labels. Also, there is OSHA arc flash standards that suggest organizations to run safety as well as health programs for its workers.

Arc flash safety training videos

There are arc flash safety video tutorials available which help inform organizations about the possible dangers of arc flash and also how they can reduce the possibility of a potential arc flash hazard. Moreover, the arc flash safety training videos describe the necessity of implementing many safety standards in the workplace.

The arc flash safety training videos as well help the workers study safe working practices, which they should adopt to lessen the probability of a potential risk. The arc flash safety videos moreover illustrates the value of training for the employees that work in areas where there's a potential danger of arc flash.

Generally, arc flash safety training videos will guide the company incorporate the safety standards laid down under OSHA arc flash guidelines and thereby make their work environment safe and furthermore ensure healthy growth for itself. An organization should know the potential damage caused by an arc flash hazard is irreversible and hence it is desirable to ensure safe working practices and even setting up proper protective equipment that meets the hazard level at their specific manufacturing set up.

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