As a man, you may have always been taught to ignore your facial health. For an example, washing your face with harsh soap bar and scrubbing with harmful chemicals can do much harm to your face. Well, you can add a few steps to your daily routine and can get a glowing and healthy-looking skin. Here, you would find a quick guide that would help you to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and other effective steps following which will result into improvising your facial health. Welcome to this guide that is created in coordination with ShopTrimmers blog. Let’s get started.

1. Opting for a good razor

Doesn’t matter how you keep your face turning styles, it is mandatory to use a high quality razor for the shaving purpose. In case you are a beard aficionado and sport an even and semi-trimmed stubble, you can pick a best beard trimmer. A good quality stubble groomer would protect your skin from further irritation. In addition, it will help you to achieve a precise and hassle free trim too.

2. A regular and proper cleansing

Cleaning and exfoliating your face is the first step you should rather take to enhance your facial health. First of all, choose an effective cleanser. Make sure to have a natural cleanser into your facial kit. Follow the oil cleansing method by taking out a little portion of the cleanser and apply it gently. The essential oils in the natural face cleanser aids in cleaning the face by removing debris in the pores. Follow a regular and routine cleansing at least once a day to help your skin pores free from any chemicals.

3. Moisturise and Protect

The next step is to use a cream containing essential moisturising elements. For an example, if you have a dry skin, consider opting for a moisturiser with sea butter and lanolin. On the other hand, oily face would get nothing better than moisturisers without any oils. You should consider moisturising your skin right after face cleansing as it restores the vital minerals into your skin pores that were rinsed off earlier.

4. Taking measures before sleeping

Using a sunscreen lotion before heading outside is considered good for facial health. This is true because sun screen lotions block harmful UV rays and protect your skin from any damage. However, you must take a note a proper measure if you are a frequent user of sunscreen creams. It is preferred to wash off your face and body where the sunscreen was applied. I generally recommend to do so once the sun is down. But, if you have a busy lifestyle and reach home by late, rinse off your face with plain water.

This was the exclusive and in short guide of proper skin care measures that will help you in boosting your overall facial health. These methods are tested and produces no harm to your skin in any means. Follow this schedule for a week and write us about how your facial health got boosted up. In the last, always follow a rule “go natural and remain worry free as the natural ingredients can do no bad to your body”. Take care of your health.

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Misty Jhones