A vacation in Riviera Maya is like a fairy-tale experience. This incredible district in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is renowned for its scenic splendour, ancient ruins and great weather. The Mayan ruins draw visitors from all over the world. There are several other attractions such as eco parks, rainforests, botanical gardens and much more.

Riviera Maya all-inclusive Resorts

Select a Riviera Maya all-inclusive resort that will pamper you to the fullest. There are several such resorts, some of them set in the midst of a nature park. The all-inclusive plan is ideal for a family as you can avail of gourmet meals at the restaurants. Take advantage of the unparalleled spa experience at the resort. You can have a blissful experience after being treated with aromatic essences, candles and flowers. Guests can also make use of the recreational facilities; so leave your cares behind and soak under the Caribbean sun and stay in the
luxurious suites of resort all-inclusive.

Indulge yourself in the finest of resorts where comfort and luxury is beyond compare. The Riviera Maya luxury resort is where you will get such hospitality and opulence. These luxury resorts cater to the select few who can afford to splurge

The Bohemian Town of Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a Bohemian fishing town on the coast. The ‘Quinta-Avenida’ or Fifth Avenue is a trendy pedestrian that is 2 miles long lined with restaurants, bars and shops. This tourist town is a great romantic place; it is also a very clean and safe community. The azure waters of the sea and the sugar-white beaches attract international tourists. Cenote-diving and scuba diving in the sea draw vacationers from all over.

Affordable holiday packages can be obtained at the Mexican Caribbean resorts; there are several resorts along the coast. Some resorts have private beaches and those close to the town can enjoy the downtown shopping and also the nightlife. Guests who opt for the Playa del Carmen all-inclusive resort can use most of the facilities of the resort; they can also enjoy gourmet dishes at the restaurants. Rejuvenate yourself at the resort spa that offers massages and other treatments for relaxation.

The Riviera Eco Parks

The Riviera eco parks are theme parks which are ideal for daytime adventures. Besides cenotes and other natural settings, Xcaret is a grand archaeological park where you can spend the entire day. There are plenty of amusements and activities such as snorkelling; watch the jaguars, pumas, butterfly exhibits, sea turtles and an aquarium. At night you can enjoy local dancers dance to the tune of regional music at an amphitheatre. Visit Xel-Ha, a natural lagoon and the botanical gardens.

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