Learn How to Love Yourself and Live as a BOLD Woman – A Brilliant, Outrageous, Luminary Diva

Managing the Symptoms of Burnout and Visualizing an Authentic You

In the modern world of the 21st century it is easy to forget to nourish your inner self and set aside time for personal growth. Instead family, work, relationships and day-to-day responsibilities become the focus. As time goes by you can find yourself stuck in the same routine; the same thoughts recycle over and over, and your actions are executed within the narrow groove of what’s familiar. When you find yourself facing such a quandary, it is time to take action, pump some new blood into your veins, and seek out new vistas.

In order to shift from a feeling of burnout to living the “bold life” you were meant to, you must reflect on your experiences and conjure the juiciest memories. As these memories come in waves, revisit the moments when you courageously tried on a new hat, stepped off the well-worn path or set out in a new direction. When was the last time you fearlessly charted new territory? Visualize the authentic you and give new excitement, freedom and fun a chance to thrive inside you.

Your Journey of Self Discovery Begins With Small Steps

After years of playing it safe many women are shaking in their boots when they hear the words “bold woman.” It evokes concerns about taking risks, living like a daredevil or experiencing uncertainty. Don’t be afraid to stretch beyond your limits, you have the power to define what a great stretch is for you. Start by thinking about your routine and do something different. Drive a new route to work, eat something you have never tasted before, or wear a flashy new color. Start with small steps.

Fan the flames and build momentum for taking bold action. One facet of living an exceptional life is feeling the energy, thrill, and inspiration that are ushered in when you step outside our comfort zone. Relish what the thrill feels like and this energy will drive and propel you forward to invite juicier, bolder moments into every day of your life. Remember moments in your life when your personal growth inspired you to take a bold leap, or dip an excited toe into the edge of a new pond. Stay with those memories for a spell and allow them to ripple through you.

Take a Leap of Faith: 5 Tips for Bold, Creative Living

Powerful questions can stir the pot and break down barriers that hold you back.
Here are a few you might explore: Have you taken early retirement in your life?
What assumptions or fears have stopped you from being more adventurous? What are the benefits of doing something new? From whom do you need permission to begin the shift?

There are 5 things to help you move forward and begin living as a bold woman:
1. Stop thinking and start acting! You cannot think your way to bold living. It comes with actions, large or small, so get out of your head.
2. Use your intuition. Be willing to act as intuition pops up and you feel the nudge. Be willing to be playfully spontaneous!
3. Release your fear of surprise, the unknown and making mistakes. Expect the unexpected and be willing to risk making mistakes or feeling foolish. Laugh at yourself when the time is right.
4. Creatively live on the edge. When you step outside your comfort zone, it can feel edgy. Know that the edge brings a new view and leads to personal growth.
5. Give yourself permission to live with no regrets. Hand-in-hand with bold living comes the task of accepting who you really are “as is.”

Your Call to Action, It’s Time for Your Life as a Bold Woman to Begin!

Make a list of the new experiences you want to have as the new you. Skinny dip, play a new sport or go with a friend on an extraordinary picnic. Learn a new skill or take a class. Sign up for a self discovery workshop or personal growth retreat that challenges you. Climb a mountain, travel to a foreign country or play with a flashy new look. Do something you have always wanted to do but were afraid to try. Let the spirit of adventure lead you to unexplored places, internally and externally and you will quickly become a more energized you! The more you open yourself up to the endless possibilities in life the more fired up you will be to play, and play big! The lights sparkling around you will say: Here is a BOLD Woman – a Brilliant, Outrageous, Luminary Diva!

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Corrie Woods is a Women’s Life Coach, Speaker, and Author whose passion is supporting women in designing and living lives they love. To learn more about her new book, The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living, her services, and her free ezine, Tips for Living a Life You Love! go to www.womansfieldguide.com