Activated charcoal powder is one of the most powerful bulk herbs that you will find. This is because of one single reason—it can save your life. Interested yet? Of course, many other herbs can help you live a healthy and fit life well away from harmful diseases such as cancer and such. Some can even be used as a medication for minor illness and discomfort like stomach pain and the like. So what makes activated charcoal powder different and more important?

It is simply because it can cure poison. Yes, you read that right. Surprisingly, people are more prone to poison intake due to the foods available today. There are tons of inorganic substances that mostly include chemicals and whatnots. If one of these ingredients had gone bad without you knowing it, then you will have a higher chance of getting food poisoning which is a nasty little thing.

This is where activated charcoal powder can help you. It is a great first aid method that you can quickly apply to yourself by mixing a generous amount in water. You then drink it so it can absorb all the unwanted drugs and other substances that are poisoning your body. This is why it can be a great lifesaver. You see, once you have poison in your body, it will only be a matter of minutes before it spreads out and it is vital that you do something about it real quick. With the beauty of Activated Charcoal Powder, you will not have to wait for those minutes because you can immediately do something about it while you wait for the ambulance or doctor to get and treat you.

The best thing about this is that this seemingly mundane powder can also cure other drugs and poisonous elements that can instantly cause you death. Examples of these dangerous substances are cyanide, alcohol poisoning, caustic alkalis, mineral acids, boric acid, and many more. You need to have the person intake the charcoal before he loses his consciousness or else, the victim might not be able to wake up ever again. You will have to make sure that he vomits too after the charcoal have absorbed the poison from the body so he can get rid of the toxic materials that are killing him. This is the reason why it is extremely essential that you have charcoal powder in your home for grievous emergencies like this.

Whether or not you feel a bit disconcerted of eating charcoal like some sort of a homo erectus man back in the stone age, it does not change the fact that this seemingly unimportant black, grimy coal has the power to save someone else’s life. It has been used by your ancestors and it will still be utilized today due to its groundbreaking properties that can efficiently absorb the poison and toxin in the body. It would not hurt you to store this powder. You will never know, you might be needing it in the future and you will thank yourself for using your sense rather than be sorry and start to feel regret about not having it.

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