Have you ever planned to visit Gujarat, the western coastal state of India? If not then you are missing to experience the beauty of scenic landscapes, a haven of diverse flora and fauna, magnificent beaches, world famous temples and the only habitat of rare Asiatic lions.

Destination will not only provide you the opportunity to explore all these adventurous things but also the famous destination for honeymoon couples. The vibrant culture, age-old forts, beaches, rich cultural heritage and several other tourist places make this state ideal to spend the most beautiful days of life. So, plan your honeymoon here with the wide range of Gujarat Tour Packages offered by travel arrangement companies such like Gujarat Tourism Online.

Things to do for honeymoon couples as well as during Family Holidays

The diverse variety enjoyment is what offered by this state to the honeymoon couples. The most charming attractions are the stunning beaches such as Gopnath Beach, Somnath Beach, Chorwad Beach, Porbandar Beach and so on. All these places are secluded and best for spending quality time. Nothing will match to the feeling of strolling hand in hand on the sandy beaches with your love of life.

For people who love to enjoy the wildlife adventures with their life partner, there is a lot for them. The most adventurous place for serving this purpose is the Enjoy the Gir National Park where one can enjoy the Lions relaxing in the sunny bright day. Other than that the Barda National Park, Kutch Desert Wildlife, Thol Wildlife Sanctuary, Purna Wildlife Sanctuary, Sanctuary etc. are the other places which allow you to feel the beauty of mother nature. All these sanctuaries are the habitat of a wide variety of amazing flora and fauna. In Gir Forest, the rare and endangered Lions are being provided the safe stay. Other than that you will get a chance to see the variety of birds such as peafowl, bee-eaters etc.

Besides the above, the state is also known for its ancient monuments and great temples. At Lothal and Dholavira, you can go back to the age of Indus Valley Civilization to experience how developed they were. For the religious purpose, visiting Dwarkadhish Temple, Somnath Temple, Sun Temple, etc. Is worth.

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