One of the most popular and highly sought after post-graduate degrees currently available is a Master of Business Administration degree, commonly referred to as an MBA degree. This particular degree demonstrates that the recipient has demonstrated a superior level of knowledge regarding the theory, principles, operations and functions concerning general business practices.

Before the general worldwide acceptance and incorporation of the Internet into our daily lives, there were many major obstacles for anyone who wanted to pursue an MBA. Many times these challenges included trying to balance a full-time job and classes, scheduling classes around professional and personal obligations, traveling long distances to attend classes, the length of time needed to complete an MBA program, and the overall cost associated with completing an MBA program.

However, in the past 15 years, dramatic changes have occurred in the field of education. One of the most significant changes has been the ability for educational institutions to provide online MBA programs; generally, the classes are provided using the institutions’ websites. The ability to provide online MBA programs has dramatically reduced the number of obstacles that many students face to earn an MBA degree. Two types of courses that allow classes to be taken online are a Hybrid MBA and an Online MBA.

Hybrid MBA courses allow students to take a significant number of classes needed for the degree online; however, in this type of program, there are classes that the students must take to complete the program that require the students to attend those classes on campus or at a designated location. Moreover, accredited online MBA programs allow the students to take the required classes online.

Some of the advantages of these two types of programs include very little travel time needed for classes, a more flexible schedule for taking classes, a reduction in cost associated with completing a degree and the ability to take more classes over a shorter time period. A well-known university that currently offers these types of programs is California Miramar University, which provides special tuition assistance for military personnel and military spouses as well.

With the growing popularity of online programs, due diligence is necessary for all students who want to pursue an online business degree. Students looking to enter online coursework should strongly consider all of the top online MBA programs and research each one to ensure that the programs on their final list are accredited online MBA programs. Also, students should understand that distance MBA considerations are not as important when considering different courses that allow online classes.

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Ilana Herring is Director of Marketing at San Diego based California Miramar University. CMU offers ACICS & DETC accredited Online MBA Programs and year round accredited online MBA programs.