Mumbai which is considered as the New York of India or the city of dreams and home to well – known Gateway of India is the capital city of the Maharashtra state. Mumbai is one of the progressive cities in India with augmentation of infrastructure, companies, reputed colleges, job opportunities in different fields such as IT, finance, fashion and entertainment as this city is the birth place of Indian cinema. The city is a mixture of festivals, food, theatres and music is the trend setter for the entire country.

Mumbai was the first city in India to get a monorail with comfortable coaches and smart card tickets, India’s first double Decker flyover and it has opened Terminal 2 of Mumbai’s international airport just two years ago. Some consider it the city of future. People of all walks of life come to Mumbai from different parts of India with dreams and aspirations and home to great achievers at the same time.

We are all aware that Mumbai city is considered as one of the most expensive cities in India. One of the major reason for the high cost of living is the high cost in rent. On an average almost a quarter of Mumbai resident’s salary gets spent in paying his or her rent. The rest is spent in buying food items like fruits and vegetables and other necessary things which costs a more in Mumbai than other metro cities.

So there has been a new plan introduced to build affordable houses which are housing units that are suitable for residents or families with median household income. The Maharashtra government has planned to construct in the period of five years, twenty lakh affordable houses for the middle class families and first time home buyers.

The government has decided that the fifty thousand houses built in Mumbai for the project affected people or shortly known as PAP will be made as affordable homes. These homes were built for the Project affected people (PAP) but none of them have opted for this accommodation and the houses are still empty. So the government has decided to transform it into affordable residence because every year the demand for houses in Mumbai is increasing. People come to Mumbai city to earn money and create career but most of them are from middle class and it often becomes a tough task to find a place to stay in a affordable price and by building these affordable residences it will help them find shelter.

Many private real estate companies too are planning to start constructing cost effective housing projects to attract many middle class property seekers to buy homes. Mumbai city is already a well developed metropolitan city and every day it is going through a lot of changes. New plans like affordable homes will encourage people with median household income people to live in this metropolitan and cosmopolitan city. With developed infrastructure, commercial areas, well – known companies, Mumbai is the perfect place for someone to start up one’s career and now new schemes are trying make Mumbai livable for families as well.

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