Have you ever wondered how a Bath Bomb now work? Why buzzing that thing and is actually not bad for your skin? I did a little research before purchasing bath bombs, trying to understand the chemical reaction. Let me explain!

Who thinks of bath bombs, thinks quickly on Lush and the reverse is often the case. The fragrant balls are there in large piles for sale. Even now you can also buy Private label wholesale bath bombs. Of course, it is fun for bath but how does it work?

Look at any list of ingredients of a Bath Bomb, two ingredients you see come back again: citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. That both are plain white powders which are very safe for use on skin. Citric acid is an acidic (commonly used as an antioxidant and as a natural preservative), and sodium bicarbonate is a base (often used in baked goods, deodorant and facial cleansers). Powdered ingredients that do not react with each other, but when you attach water, effervescence goes. They form carbon dioxide, water and CO2. The CO2 bubbles up from the water to the top, which gives a nice effect in your bath.

Very simple! This reaction you always get when you mix citric acid and natrium bicarbonate, so that is the basis of a Bath Bomb. Of course we like to add some extra ingredients. For a bit of care, there may be a natural oil are mixed, but also colors, odors and glitter just give that little bit extra in a Bath Bomb.

Now that you are more aware of the workings of a Bath Bomb, you might want yourself to work? Effervescent Balls are fun to cheer up the bath and make extra care. Here's an easy DIY to make your own bath bombs.


  • Citric acid
  • Sodium
  • Coconut oil (just warming up the liquid)
  • Perfume oil that can be used on the skin OR essential oil of your choice
  • Food coloring / dried herbs or flower petals
  • A spoon and a bowl for mixing.
  • Shaped (eg ball or ice cube trays); the recipe is enough for about two bath bombs!

Mix 4 big spoons of citric acid with 8 large tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate until all lumps are out there. Insert two tablespoons of coconut oil to it. Mix until it feels a bit like wet sand. If your hand squeezes, it should be a sausage. Add a few drops of food coloring here and add a small teaspoon of perfume oil (be careful, as it is water-based, it can go effervescence. Mix quickly and carefully!). This is not necessary, it ensures that your bath smell good and your ball has a nice color. You can also add dried flowers or herbs. Here I added a little bit of dried marigold.

Stir again very carefully to all the same color and scent.
Grab your shape and fill the two halves until they are a little bulge. You want the effervescent balls as hard as possible, so they do not fall apart. If the form is properly filled, you can gently lift the Bath Bomb. Let it dry for a day and then it's ready to use!

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Misty Jhones