Life is full of fear, tensions and worries. As we keep on progressing in life, every stage and every relation brings more fears and more worries. We keep on developing the feel of being stuck in life, some due to our past experiences, some due to our expectations and some due to failed relationships. This all prevents us from looking at the moments of happiness. This all make us fall in the trap of depression and ultimately we feel bleeding under the burden of heavy stones of life. You might be thinking in mind if you are in depression or if some Singapore counselling experts can help you?

To go by the stats provided by Singapore Counselling experts’ people in younger age are suffering more with depression than any other age group because they cannot handle the relationships and competition for jobs is too much.

In fact in year 2013, the figure of suicides reached 83 just because of extreme depression. Isn’t it that too sad? It seems that the urgency of the hour is to track happiness especially in the age group of 20-29, as per Singapore counselling experts.

What are the reasons of depression?

To define depression, it is an ailment or ill mental health, or precisely a discontented and sad mood, which can affect our energy level, our mood and leave us lethargic. If depression grabs our mind, then it can even push a person towards death in the painful way of suicide. The situation of the world is so bad today that one in ten people are suffering from depression. In fact, the stats tell that it is more common in women than the other sex. When you come to define one particular problem of this depression, you will never come to conclusion. It can be as small as divorce from spouse or it can be as big as not able to compete in the professional life.  Sometimes the reasons like lack of time, social cut-off, domestic violence and post-partum in case of women can take over the space of depression in human’s mind.  To judge if a person is suffering from  depression or not is to understand how often the person is expressing grief and how the person is trying to deal with this trauma. There are many times, when people express this sadness through anxiety in every task, then the person needs immediate help, as per Singapore counselling experts.

Final Thoughts

Singapore counselling experts have been trying to tackle this issue with more innovative techniques like emotional freedom technique to help the victims get rid of the traumatic impressions left on mind. Most of the times, people forget to track happiness in life because of being frozen in one bad phase of life. This needs help and one needs to be freed from such problems. “The people need to understand that there is a huge world beyond a single problem and one cannot stop life at any point of time” Singapore Counselling experts said.

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