Hybrid timber frame homes are now the design choice for most dreamers who are looking for a home design that gives them endless possibilities; this is especially true for potential homeowners who will want to exercise their creative side as far as having a custom look home is concerned. The use of the hybrid time frame approach has taken the concept of timber framing notch higher.

Hybrid timber framing refers to a concept that allows for the integration of several product designs; this for instance will involve combining the post and beam construction with stick framing as well as structural insulated panels. The best thing about hybrid timber frame homes is that when all that wood gest combined it provides for the highest levels of efficiency as far as insulation is concerned thereby creating a synergy of eco-friendly technology for modern day building techniques that will ensure longevity of the structure. Even though many other building models appear to be failing in today’s housing market, hybrid timber frame homes appear to be getting to the mainstream and there is no stopping.

There several ways through which hybrid timber framing can be incorporated into the house design plan; there are hybrid timber frames that are made using free standing timber frame units or maybe individual accent pieces that are created using mortise and tenon joinery. There is yet another popular form of hybrid timber frame technology where the timber from the center section is surrounded by more conventional construction when completing the house; this is a popular one because it is normally used to create large living rooms that are well suited for huge gatherings.

Another good thing about hybrid timber framing is that it is open to any kind of enhancement that can benefit the homeowner; most people will prefer this approach because it can be used to address any budgetary constraints in a clever way and no one will realize the tricks that are in play. The ability to combine structural insulated panels with a timbered roof system goes a long way in bringing the costs associated with building down very effectively. A good hybrid timber framing specialist can very easily manipulate the designs on order to enhance heating values and energy efficiency; hybrid timber frame homes have a way they can retain their value financially and aesthetically.

The flexibility that is associated with hybrid timber framing is very appealing to builders and especially those that love working within the boundaries of eco-friendliness and zoning laws. As long as you make sure that you have an expert hybrid timber framing specialist you can be sure that they will be able to take advantage of hybrid timber framing to blend your new home with the environment.

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