About Luxury

It is the human tendency to seek and perfect all of his creations. Is it then any surprise that we are drawn to luxury like ants to sugar. Luxury is a state of living. We all dream of leading a life of comfort and luxury and this is simply out of a desire to fill our lives with articles of beauty. We simply like luxury. It appeals to our vanity. In the world today it is perhaps no secret that we are th slaves of time. Time rules our lives and world. But if so, then why not do it in style.

It is what inspires our creativity and leads us to ever more increasing levels of grandeur. Its is luxury by defination.

The thing about luxury is that we cannot simply enjoy it for ourselves. We want to show off and flaunt our luxury. What better way to showoff than to wear one's luxury on oneself. Watches fit the bill perfectly.

Swiss Luxury Watches

Swiss products are considered a brand of luxury worldwide and there hardly exists any finer and better examples of superior craftsmanship. A part of the reason is that the Swiss lay great emphasis on their craft and the watchmakers of Switzerland are known to deliver on the promise of luxury. They have an element of finesse into them. That is what makes it beautiful and of a fairy tale nature.

Among the prominent Swiss watchmakers, Rolex figures more prominently than most. And Panerai is one of the prominent brands for which Rolex manufactures watches. It is thus inescapable that the quality of Rolex reflects in that of the Panerai. The Panerai Luminor Marina is perhaps one of the most alluring products brought out by Panerai and with a price tag of nearly $20000.

The Replica

Costing merely a fraction of the original, an onlooker might be hard presses to tell the real from the replica. Depending on how much one is willing to spend, a replica can cost for $50 or $1000. Panerai watches are a status symbol that many people want to possess despite not having the money to purchase them. Replica watches bring the brand close to them. It is perhaps the extensive advancement in the field of technology that make such a feat possible because Panerai makes its watches different in every aspect making it extremely difficult for anyone to replicate.

Watch making is an extreme art. Is then any surprise if replication of fine watches is a challenge in itself. It is true the replicas do not boast of the same craft as that of the original but they look like an original Panerai and that is an achievement onto itself. A pretty steep range but the perks and quality of replication improve with increasing price tag. The costlier ones come with well polished glass which look more diamond than glass and a real gold plating. Now that is luxury redefined and made available to all.

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