Commonly known as ‘silver dental fillings’ - Amalgam dental fillings have several side effects on the health. As the amalgam fillings contain mercury, it damages the health to great extent. Mercury is the most poisonous and non radioactive element on earth. Compared to cadmium, arsenic, or lead- mercury is more poisonous substance. This element is very dangerous to health. It is highly effective poison.

Scientifically, mercury is certified neurological poison. This element has the potential to affect nervous system including the brain cells. Kids’ posses more sensitive brains compared to the brains of adults. The brain of a child is unable to bear such high concentrated toxic substance. Even exposure to small amount of mercury will invite the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease at very young age.

As mercury is scientifically proved poisonous enzyme- it badly affects the functioning of enzymes. This element stops enzymes from working. Enzymes are very important for good health and thus our body cannot function properly without them. They help in restoring the energy levels during sickness. Recurring tiredness and weakness is a sign of continuous mild exposure to mercury.

This element has great potential to affect women’s health. Exposure to mercury will affect the female reproductive system. This often leads to miscarriages or infertility. Repetitive exposure to mercury will damage the female reproduction organs. Pregnant women should strictly stay away from mercury as; they might lead to severe complication during obstetrical delivery. If you find any symptoms of mercury side affects- opt for detoxification process. The detoxification process will help to remove all mercury particles from the body. Consult your doctor and remove all mercury dental fillings.

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is extremely bad for our health. Mercury makes the dental filling material more flexible. The silver amalgam dental fillings contain more mercury than any other metal. In fact it is equivalent proportion of mercury and other metal. This silver dental filling is prepared by mixing liquid mercury with powdered alloy of silver, zinc, tin, and copper. The soft mixture prepared is pressed into tooth. This mixture quickly solidifies and helps to support the chewing system. Al though, our teeth contain moisture in the form of salvia, this mercury based dental filling is comparatively durable. Hence the health department continues to use them for dental problems.

Mostly in all cases, the side affects of amalgam and the toxicity of amalgam are mainly caused due to the presence of large amount of mercury in the fillings. Almost 80% invisible vapors of mercury arise from the surface of fillings. These vapors easily enter the surface of skin and thus it reaches different parts of the body. Almost every individual is poisoned due to mercury, even though if it is in very small proportion. It takes some time for our body to develop abnormal symptoms after being exposed to mercury. The medical association itself has ample of evidence against amalgam filling, but they have continued to use mercury for dental fillings. In order to protect yourself from the harmful aide affects of mercury, avoid the exposure to mercury.

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