An Appealing New Method To Attract Potential Customers

Today is about a new way to generate interest in high-value, ethical content. The interesting part of this method is that it supports consumer’s interest of things presented in sales pages and opt-ins.

Personally, when I reach one of those one liner, beautiful opt-in pages, I immediately get out of there, after looking at the pretty pictures. I have always thought that it was very nervy of internet marketers and myself (I tried it too based on training), to expect people to subscribe to something based on emotional psychology of a pic and one big sentence promising the world. Instead, there is a better, and frankly, more ethical way of sharing content that we want our readers to enjoy.

The way this method was presented last night to me in a webinar is quite fascinating! Instead of building a sales page that traffic gets sent to, send it to the article or video on it! Find or create a video, blog post, or what have you with the information that describes the what, why, and how someone can find out about a subject, product, business, person, or service. Then drive internet traffic to the information, instead of driving the traffic to the sales page!

One doesn’t even need a sales page to share content this way, because in the article or blog post, you will have the information available to those who are interested in it on where to find, buy, or learn more about the product or subject presented! One can also go all out with advertising on a website and just create income from supplying outstanding content that folks respond too.

The interesting part of this marketing flow is that the information that traffic is driven to is what builds trust with new interested consumers. Reaching out and appealing to intelligence instead of expecting someone to just believe in one sentence honors the minds of men and women who are innocently searching for an answer or solution to problems online through the search engines.

To sum up the new way of driving beautiful traffic to an ethical marketer’s business, product, or service is to write, write, and write about whatever the subject is that you want to inform others about.

Then on that information page, have the monetization in place that is appealing to you. These options are to offer a newsletter, subscriber option, place ads around your content or however you get inspired to offer your high-value products and services!

One can write about and share information that includes links straight to the product or service. It is endless what one can do when one realizes that a secret to ethical internet marketing is to drive traffic to free content instead of using psychology, negative headlines, and offensive or emotionally based pictures to hypnotize innocent readers into submission.

Plus, imagine how freeing it is to release oneself from the need to force a product or service on someone that has never heard of it! Instead, write about it, then give it to them.

I think it shall be interesting to see how this freeing business strategy works out! This process and flow that appeals to others through conversational types of sharing relevant information can only add value to the lives and inquisitive natures of those who are already searching online for something specific.

This type of gratuitous giving of knowledge can therefore build a sustainable, monetized business based on right-actions and respect for humanity!* JtW

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Webb is a Best-Selling Author and Publisher, Professional Artist, and Spiritual Teacher. She is also an SEO Keywords Expert and Owner of The Legacy Art Movement Foundation. She attributes her many talents and skills to God and the Near-death Experience she had while drowning in the giant waves of Rincon, Puerto Rico. She lived to tell about it!
Her love of humanity and nature inspires her to paint, write, and take long walks in the country!