Who is Archangel Haniel?

Haniel’s name means ‘Glory of God’.
Haniel governs the ancient magics of healing and feminine power, and the energy of the Moon.

Not many are familiar with this incredible being. Although archangels are androgynous they do have an energy more often projected as male or female so that people on Earth can more easily identify with them. Haniel more often appears as a female.

She has a very different energy, as you can see from this month’s White Rose Path channeling. To me she felt very wise, very knowing, very “Earth mother”, but with humor, a twinkle in her eye. If she was human, I could see her as a rock star or on a motorcycle. What a joy it was to connect with her very refreshing, Earthy energy and bring it to you.

Here is my channeling of Archangel Haniel’s message to you:

“Are you so very tired lately, cranky, impatient, aching, not knowing names, dropping things, not the epitome of Grace?

I am here to tell you that you are processing through your sacred feminine side, the ascension of your planet. But also too, the chaotic energy that is occurring now around you as well. I know you feel it. You may not have been able to pinpoint it, why it is, what exactly has been a little off. That is why.

Now is the time to go more into that feminine wisdom that ALL of your carry within, be you male or female. Now is the time for you to nurture and care for yourself as if you were very pregnant. Because you are.

You are holding the space within you for the Light to be more present here on Earth. It can be physically uncomfortable, and emotional as well. You will handle it better by being in quiet, restorative places and doing more restorative things for your body and mind, and of course your spirit. You live in a busy time, the fastest, busiest time ever seen on your planet, so you are used to trying to keep up with a pace that your body and mind were never meant to keep up with. Your spirit however, is more than up for this task.

But your body needs assistance in all of this. Water, water is so very important right now. As is sleep. Deep, restorative sleep at the time your ancient DNA wants, and that is from a few hours into the evening until early morning. Not the current sleep schedule dictated by electrical lights. So try to get more of that. Even one hour earlier to bed and rising will assist you.

And the water, take care of your life blood on Earth that is your waters. Mother Ocean and her bloodlines that are your rivers. She needs you, needs your help.

And then you can help each other as you wash away the harsh energies occurring now, with the waters that feeling your blessings in your help to keep her clean and alive in return.

And time away. Honor this feeling you have of wanting to be away from the hectic pace, not being as sociable, not being on the phone, even if people do not understand it. You have a responsibility to yourself to honor what you need to be healthy and feel balanced in this way.

Many of you are so used to ignoring this need that you don’t even know you need it. And so your soul and your min and your body is trying to get you to recognize this need through discomfort, the unclear thinking and emotions that seem high and then low and all over the place.

Look to your beautiful, gentle moon in the sky, so beautiful but yet many of you hardly remember to see such beauty offered to you. Do you know you are one of the few planets to have such a beauty in your night sky? Stop and be in a moment, look up and notice GOD in your life, in your world, and call upon me while your looking and I Haniel, will help you”

Copyright 2009 Eileen Smith The Path of the White Rose™

Author's Bio: 

Eileen is a channeler, intuitive healer, Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue Phd. She is the founder of The Path of the White Rose and a channel for the White Rose Path, a Brother/Sisterhood of Ascended Masters and Angels and the angel Alonya.