So you are thinking about putting on a Christmas Play. Christmas Play's are a lot of fun and some of the most memorable events of Christmas. A Christmas Play is a lot of hard work but definitely plays off in the end. It is never too early to start planning your Christmas Play. Christmas Play's take a lot of work and preparation. There are lots of things to consider when planning a Christmas Play. You are probably wondering which play to produce. Who you are going to use for your flexible cast, the location of the play, who is going to do the interior set, etc. That is why we said it is never too early to plan, because if you do not leave enough time, your Christmas play might not ever come together.

First, lets talk about the possibilities of different ideas for a Christmas Play. A lot of Christmas Plays are the nativity story. If you want to be a little less traditional, there are plenty of other options for Christmas Plays. Consider your favorite Christmas movie and turning it into a play. For example, Charlie Brown Christmas, the Christmas Carol, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, or any you can think of. Before you plan anything else, you need to decide on a play so you can start writing and producing it.

After you have decided on which Christmas Play you are going to produce, you need to have an audition for your cast. Set up a meeting where people who are interested can come and learn more about the details of the play, have someone take minutes to make sure you do not miss any important details. Also, set up a time for audition and let the prospects know what the audition will be like and how many minutes it will be. Once you have held auditions and have picked your cast, you want to make sure you have a flexible cast who are serious and committed to your Christmas Play.

A very important part about your Christmas Play is the set. It is important to start building your set as soon as you decide on your play. You want the interior set to be a simple interior set, but also showing enough details to add to the play. You can start building the set at someones house or garage then move the set as it gets closer to your Christmas Play.

You and your cast need to meet quite frequently to rehearse your Christmas Play. A couple months out from Christmas, you may want to meet 1-2 times per months. As Christmas gets closer, you probably want to be meeting a few times a week. It is important to make sure your flexible cast is always attending the rehearsals to ensure your Christmas Play will be ready when the time comes to preform it. A great way to advertise your Christmas Play is to make it a city or community event. Get all of your friends and neighbors to spread the word and sell tickets to come to your Christmas Play.

Christmas Plays are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Make sure to leave plenty of time and preparation and you will have yourself a Christmas Play that everyone will enjoy!

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