Do you constantly feel sorry for yourself and make sure you tell everyone you see about it? Are you always in a downer mood and there is absolutely no solution for it? If so, you might 'Eeyore". That's right, you may be suffering from Eeyoreitis.

This is a subject that I must address. I too have been guilty of Eeyoreitis. This is where the person suffering from Eeyoreitis sits there and complains about everything under the sun. They may do this for a number of reasons. They may feel they are in need of attention and are attempting to fill the void of feeling unimportant.

Eeyore's also do not take any responsibility for their situation and tend to blame everyone or everything around them. They also do not see any solution and even if they did, they will find something wrong with the solution.

Eeyore's are the best excuse makers around. There is an excuse for everything as to why their life is not the way they want it to be. To them, excuses are just a way to detract attention from their bad choices, but if they only knew, others are not that blind.

The Eeyore is a stubborn bunch also. They will defend their excuses to the point of getting angry with others when being confronted about their attitude and belief system. Attempting to change their attitude can be very exhausting and could also result in draining your energy. Avoid being attacked by this negative energy.

It is important for Eeyore's to understand that their are excuses are just that, they are just excuses, nothing else. Excuses will only weaken the Eyeore the more they use them until they choose otherwise. The only way an Eeyore can change their situation is by acknowledging their attitude and choosing to end making excuses.

It is up to the Eeyore to make these changes and they will have to want to change it. Protect yourself by not becoming too involved in their drama. We have to realize that we can not save everyone and that part of their journey is coming to realizations about their own behavior on their own sometimes.

This does not mean you have to eliminate them from your life, but just do not find yourself in a trap of rescuing. This will only result in two victims instead of one. You can invest more time into them if they are showing they are genuine about changing their life and are willing to do the work themselves.

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Cheryl Wilms is an Inspirepreneur and Law of Attraction student providing resources for those who are seeking personal transformation. Cheryl is dedicated to showing people how apply the law of attraction into their daily lives and to assist others to open themselves up to discovering the incredible power we hold within. She is also an advocate of positive and inspirational living. Cheryl has been always been aware of her passion to provide insights to others to connect with their inner power and to live a life we desire. Since then she has been studying and surrounding herself with anything she can get her hands on with the subject for the last 15 years. Cheryl is currently pursuing a career with life coaching and is also an aspiring writer on the subject. Visit