"Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn."

It's pretty much ridiculous for me to suggest that you should strive for others' jealousy.
Why would I want someone to be jealous of me?
You see there is something very essential that you should understand about jealousy...

Jealousy is a God supplied emotion, it is a specific thing that is smothered deep within us. No matter if you're a religious person or not, you can not refute that envy is an experience harnessed throughout your "being".

Perhaps you have seen somebody pull up alongside you in a $100,000 vehicle and wish you possessed that?

You might argue that - this is an experience of hope, drive, or aspiration...not jealousy.
Despite how you choose to twist it, the desire of need or want of someone's fortune is genuine - basic - jealousy.

It's humorous how often you notice a particular person that has so much more than you in regard to "items". In this time it is not unusual for the majority of people to define themselves and their friends with those very - "things". You see when you're strolling around the mall and you see a man in the tailor shop getting a customized suit made for them, you don't ponder "Wow he must be a really satisfied person", do you?

Of course not.

Usually the first thing you assume is boy this man probobaly has it made, he's living the good life, I bet he has a good deal of nice "stuff".

Well money does not buy you pleasure. Money can not make every little thing come together in your daily life.

However think about this...
When was the last time you said to yourself:
There just isn't enough time...
I'd love to afford.
I just don't have enough funds for....
I wish I had the money to visit....
I wish I had more time to spend with my kids....

Those few desires and needs most likely show up in your life each and every day, but guess what?

Odds are that man you noticed in the tailor shop, having that $10,000 Prada suit customized - he most likely doesn't have that issue on a monthly basis - not to mention a day-to-day basis.
You see him and you're, as they say, "Green With Envy".

You see the gentleman spending money with out a care on earth, chances are he's got a grin on his face, and he more than likely has plenty of money to do that for the next 15 years if he really wanted to.

And there you are - gazing from the outside in, your nose is squished up against the glass, without any money to do that for just one day let alone Decades.

What a terrible feeling.

Having to sit there knowing so many more people don't face the same problems as you every single day..
Making Tough Choices.
Trapped giving hand-me-downs to your children, not simply because you want to, but simply because you have to.
Not providing Yourself - the luxuries you always wished for.

So right now, I bring up the Arnold Schwarzenegger quote:
"Everybody pities the weak; Jealousy you have to earn."

Let the saying green with envy be for others.
Don't choose to be the pittied.
You're not the weak.
All of those you are not.

At the moment the mere point you lack is - a direction. A way to shift everything. A way to never look back. A way to move forward - forward to what you deserve to be, not what you got left being.

Schwarzenegger could have given up body building.
He could have gotten successful so far, won a few community events, and decided, "That's good enough."
Did he choose to be a quitter?
Far from it.
He fought ahead, he worked hard, and he endured, and he had become the impossible.

He chose not to look at everybody else green with envy, he made everyone else gaze at him with envy.

He ceased being the fragile.
He stopped being the man with pitty.
And -
He chose to be the person he desired to be.
Not -
The guy he got trapped being.

There will always going to be individuals out there attempting to push you down.
Push you onto the concrete floor.
Press your face in the grass.

When you surge above other people that are not willing to rise with you, they will constantly try to pull you down to their degree. Well you don't belong on their stage because you work for what you need. You set time, effort, and commitment in your life to turn into what you want to be, and who you want to be.

What are you still here for?
Why are you still reading through this?
You need to start developing.
You need to develop into who you always wanted to be.

No more will you be green with envy, no more will you sense jealousy, and just as Arnold Schwarzenegger said...

Author's Bio: 

I'm a father of 2, a husband, and a son.
I work from the comfort of my recliner, and I love it.
Life isn't worth living if you can't live it how you choose.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help teach them how they can reach income freedom, and have as much free time as they can handle.