You do it when you head to the car dealership, your neighborhood garage sale, or the local flea market - but can hunting for bargains work in your personal life, too?


Think about it - when you negotiate a great bargain on a new car, you walk away feeling good about yourself, don't you? After all, you stood up for yourself, held your ground, and came to an agreement that was fair for both sides.

So, why WOULDN'T you do things like that in your personal life?!

In order to use bargain hunting to get what you want, you have to understand what hunting for a bargain means at its most basic form. When you negotiate a bargain, you're really just exchanging value. You hand over the money and, in return, the car salesman hands over the keys. As long as that value exchange is equal on both sides - meaning you're not giving too much away or getting more in return than you deserve - it's healthy and satisfying for everyone involved.

Remember, the universe likes balance. Throw things out of whack and you'll wind up paying for it later!

How can that happen?

If you head to the flea market and see a great pair of earrings for $20, you'll probably try to convince the seller to give you a better price. But before you start the haggling process, take note of your purpose. What are you really trying to accomplish by negotiating? Are you trying to create a fair deal for both sides? For example, if the earrings aren't pure silver, $20 may be too steep of a price to pay for them. Saying so is an honest attempt at bargain hunting. But if you're simply trying to get out of paying a fair price for the earrings, you're headed right for an imbalance of value.

Then what?

If you get the seller to agree to your lower-than-fair price, the universe will make up for it later. For example, you might lose one of the earrings when you wear them out to dinner or you might wind up losing money on another transaction later. While you may not be able to predict exactly what's going to happen, you can rest easy knowing the universe is going to do what it needs to in order to restore balance. And, in many cases, you get "balanced" in a way you least expected!

So, how can you use bargain hunting to help you get what you want?

Use it wisely and fairly - in a way that creates more balance in the value exchange. Remember to keep your purpose in check and never try to take more than your fair share. If you consistently try to cheat other people and get more than your fair share, eventually, you're going to lose more than you ever gained.

By hunting for bargains the right way - whether they're out on a shopping trip or during a disagreement with your significant other - you can create a positive flow of value that's good for you and everyone around you!

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