Women have loved heels for eternity. For some heels are the best way to look stylish and for others, it is a clever hack to look taller! Whatever the reason for wearing heels be, you need to know that every type of heel has a definition and a guide as to how to wear it. Here's a collection of some basic styles:


Wedge heels have a solid, stable mass that makes them comfortable to walk in. These are not like the other sharper heels and provide enough support to avoid any sort of wobbling. These heels go best with sporty kind of dresses.

Peep toes:

These heels are open at the toes, hence the name. The height of peep toes can vary from lowest ones to sky high ones. Peep toe heels can be worn with evening gowns, casual wear or even with well-fitted trousers for the office. All you need to make sure is that your toenails are colored in the best possible nail color.

Ankle-strap heels:

These heels can be found in varying heights. The only thing that differentiates it from other heels is the strap that goes around the ankle. Ankle-strap heels are designed in such a way that the strap makes it more comfortable to walk in. You can wear these with skater dresses for casual parties.


Stilettos are the highest and the most stylish heels of all. These heels are defined by long, sharp heels that can rise up to 7-8 inches. Stilettos are mostly loved by women who wish to look taller than they are. Though super stylish, these heels are not that comfortable to walk in. It requires a lot of practice to walk easily in this super sassy pair of heels. These can be worn with bodycon dresses for disc parties and similar occasions.


Platforms are much like stilettos. The only difference between the two is that the platforms are much thicker and wider at the base. So, for the ladies who wish to look stylish but cannot opt for stilettos, platforms is the best choice.

Cone heels:

These are the most loved form of wedding shoes. Since the heels start out pretty broad near the heel and taper towards the bottom, so they are comfortable enough to walk in.

So what are you waiting for? Go, start stocking up your wardrobe with these beauties!

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Heels have long been the most lovable part of women's wardrobe and they still continue to be. And why shouldn't they be? They add up the glam quotient effortlessly!