Are you one of those women who spend Friday nights at home on your couch with your remote control switching one channel to another and wondering why you are home while girls your age are out there dating their prince charming? Do you want to be more successful with men and get the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted with the right man? The following tips can be very helpful if you want success with men.

Have that positive attitude. To be more successful with men, you have to posses that positive attitude. Have you been around someone who has that positive aura that even if he or she is not the most physically attractive person in the room, the positive aura makes that person so irresistible? A person like that is like a fresh breath of air. By being positive, funny and cool, you are attracting people (including men) and giving them an experience that they want to have over and over again. If you are a positive person, you can bring out the best in people even in bad situations and that is very admirable. You usually do not just react but you choose to be proactive. Instead of complaining, you often focus on the solution and create a positive energy to make a bad situation better. It is easier for a woman with positive attitude to be more successful with men than those who are so negative.

Have that confidence. Confidence and success goes hand and hand so if you want to be more successful with men, you must have that confidence. People who lack confidence usually does not grab the opportunities presented to them and let those opportunities passed them by. In a room filled with people, a person with low self-esteem usually stays in one corner of the room letting the opportunity to meet someone great just passed her by or she just stays with her usual group and does not explore the possibilities of meeting other people outside her group. If you really want to be more successful with men, have the confidence to grab the opportunity to meet new people. If you are a naturally shy person, confidence is not something that will happen overnight but by taking baby steps and constant practice you will learn how to be more confident. Good grooming, good posture, the way you talk or converse and the way you carry yourself are all part of building your confidence and all of these can be learned. Overtime, you can overcome your shyness and be more confident and more secure with yourself. When this happens, you are giving yourself the chance to be more successful with men.

Do not compare yourself to other women. One thing that could prevent you from having success with men is the habit of comparing yourself to other women. If you want to be more successful with men, stop saying she’s fairer, flawless, more beautiful, sexier, smarter, that is why men are drooling over her.” If you want to be more successful with men, this kind of attitude or thinking is not helpful because it will just make you feel inferior. There will always be people more beautiful, sexier and gorgeous than you but the most important thing is accepting yourself who you really are and you are confident that you have unique qualities that make you stand out from the rest. It is easier to be more successful in men when you become more at ease with who you really are and accepted that you are a unique person with unique qualities.

You do not have to have that supermodel beauty and body to be more successful with men.

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