You are reading this because you want to obtain the true happiness in your life and you are most likely wanting to be the change you want to see in the world. But then again, you might be ignoring the most valuable thing in your life. “What is the most valuable thing in life” you might ask.

The most valuable thing in life that people possess but keep getting ignored is the ‘Development of the Characteristic Qualities’. You might not be aware, but the reason why people can attract love, passion, purpose, and success is because of this magnetic force that circles around each and every one of us. Kindly give me a chance to tell you of some examples.

Mama Mary

There is this woman who lives in Sudan for which I and other people her call as “Mama Mary”. At some point in the past, she was shocked to see a lot of children living along the side way. Curious as to what the situation is, she asked her father why these children are homeless. Her father said “They are homeless because they have no family and has nowhere to go.” Mama Mary was surprised when she heard this and reacted, “No! Something can be done.”

But her father looked at her and asked her, “What should we do, then?” Mama Mary paused and replied in a lower voice, “I don’t know. But I can feel that something can be done.”

One fine day, she went to the district’s chief office. When she was able to meet the chief, she brought up the issue and asked why there are many children living on the streets. She also told him that the chief’s responsibility is to take care of these people making sure that they are living a happy life. The chief reasoned out normally by saying that it is the consequence of many factors such as politics and economic problems.

Yet Mama Mary is not satisfied with just that. “No. Something can be done” she said. So the chief of the district asked her, “Well, what do you want me to do?” Mama Mary replied by telling him that he must call up all the leaders along with everyone in that district to let them know what’s going on. The chief asked her, “Is that all?” and she said “yes”.

After the day she spoke with the chief, different leaders along with everyone in the community arrived and gathered to check and see what’s going on. They asked Mama Mary to speak in front of them and she was so tense because she wasn’t able to discern what to say. She took a deep breath and just told everyone what really is inside her heart. She told them the situation and all of them listened. Soon after, the people realized that Mama Mary is making a good point. They decided to adopt all of the children living no child behind.

A professional artist have heard of Mama Mary’s call and came to teach these young children about art and craft for no charge.

Today, Mama Mary is selling the items crafted by those children. She is now in America and she is selling the children’s items here. She would like to sell enough so she could go back and further support those children.

In the current world we live in, we’re used to seeing street children with no food and shelter, yet we continuously remained blind. The example shown by Mama Mary told all of us a valuable lesson that no amount of money could ever buy you that passion and love for others. Mama Mary’s deeds will always be remembered and will be with us until the end. The Characteristic Quality of Being a Problem Solver opened doors to provide food, shelter, and home for those orphans. She realized the meaning of how to be the change you want to see in the world and because of that, a lot of people are very grateful to her.

We all knew that everything in this world has its own place. Yet, we continually put money and wealth on top making it the sole reason of living. When we look back and ask ourselves, we can’t even figure out a good answer to this question: “What trail did I leave and is what I’m doing even matter?” Many instances that we search deep in our souls to find out what exactly is our purpose in life.

The Value Of Happiness

There is this member of a forum called “personal development” that go by the name of Ross. In that forum, he told everyone about his story. According to him, he had been successful in life where money is not a problem. He ‘lived the life’ for two years because of his big financial income. Sometimes, he would just go to some elite stores and buy whatever. He would buy expensive items that most people would love to have. Off of urge, he would just purchase High Definition TVs, expensive BluRays, variety of electronic gadgets, and things that he don’t really need.

Then one day, he decided to go shopping again but it’s awkward to not feel the same passion and excitement anymore. He did mention that he has everything he needed and buying any more of those items would not make him feel happy any more. It seems like the passion and excitement of handing out your hard earn cash to finally buy something you are saving for has now disappeared. So what he did was he spent all of his money to a project that ended up unsuccessful and now he’s back to being the ‘average joe’. He made that sacrifice to once again feel the passion and excitement of making money and saving money to buy things he wants.

Surprisingly, he was not the only one who experienced the same situation. There have been several forum posters who agreed with him and shared their own experiences.

Ross’ experience is an example of losing your passion and purpose in life. He has to sacrifice a big amount of money just to fill something more valuable. Going back to the original man that he is, he is now trying to make more valuable activities in his life and is enjoying it with his whole heart.

This is the power of Characteristic Quality of Problem Solving. With this alone, love, passion, purpose, and success can be obtained. However, most of us prioritize money which is only a part of being a good problem solver. But over and over again, we keep ignoring the valuable things in life. If you would only be able to fully master the value of these immaterial things, then you would achieve the passion and happiness that you have been looking for. Therefore, if you want to be the change you want to see in the world, you have to begin with yourself.

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My name is Zahib Ziaweet. Well, there is so much to say. But if you want to know about me then just look at my actions. I'm the person who lives what I'm about. I'm Very motivated towards the things I set my mind to.

Growing up I experienced spirituality, personal development, and entrepreneurship as my passions. Somewhere in my life I reached a place where I wanted more from life. My life Lacked Depth of Understanding and consistency. So much confusion and contradictions made my growth unstable.

It's not until I came into exposure to Kemetic Knowledge did everything begin to make sense. I begin to understand there is no difference between Spirituality, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship. They are all one.

Kemetic Spirituality is the Source of knowledge that inspired entrepreneurship, and personal development. soo much history have been kept from us, that we are lost to understanding things that to modern society seems mysterious.

Today I know who I am, Today I know who my fathers were, Today I know my purpose, Today I am a Leading Influence of Inspiration for people to live a more traditional spiritual life. Starting with young entrepreneurs.