Your bed: frame, mattress, box spring, sheets, blankets, comforter, and pillows can be a big investment. Not only your bed, but you, your spouse, children, and guests are precious and need protected. Bed bug cases are on the rise in North America. Don’t let your home be invaded. Do what you can to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. Help protect your loved ones and property by following these easy steps.

The most common way that these pests enter your home is by hiding in luggage, clothing, computers, and other items after being somewhere were bed bugs are present, such as a hotel or public transportation. Also be cautious of buying a used mattress, box spring, or other furniture, as they can enter your home through these as well.

To help protect yourself and your home from these bugs follow these simple practices. When on a trip, check your room for bed bugs before unpacking. Check the mattress for bugs on the seams and for small blood stains anywhere on the mattress. Inspect the box spring, around the headboard and behind, also any wooden or upholstered furniture. While inspecting the room, leave your luggage on the suitcase stand, in the bath tub, or on the bathroom counter top before unpacking. If you find any of these insects, request a different room or find another place to stay. You can even check your hotel for bed bugs at websites like bedbugregistry .com before you book your room.

When returning from your trip make sure to have your laundry from the trip separated in a plastic bag, so the clothes may be put directly into the clothes washer. On the hottest setting the clothing will allow wash and dry the clothes, or have them dry cleaned professionally. Check your luggage and other items for bugs. Vacuum and clean them thoroughly, be sure to check all pockets and seams.

Avoid buying used mattresses, box springs, and other furniture. Check items over thoroughly if you do buy anything. Vacuum and clean them before bringing them into your house. If bugs are found, be sure to wash the clothing you were wearing at the time appropriately.

By taking a little extra time and remembering a few easy actions you can help protect yourself, your home, and loved ones from the spread of bed bugs. Remember to keep your home clean, and inspect it often, just like your hotel room. By paying a little more attention on what comes into your house you can keep your home bed bug free.

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