Bedtime is always one of the best times of the day. It is when lying down that our brain is more relaxed, open and creative. Any bed talk would definitely be easier and natural. Spend time then with your spouse in bed and talk.

Sleep is essential. It makes your tired body rests and rejuvenates. So take time to sleep in a way that energizes, strengthens, and boosts your health. Good bed talk and sleeping in your spouse's arm are two best ways.

1.Talk anything in bed as possible. Share and ask about the day; work and colleagues; children and their school; personal and family needs, interests, and plans; decisions, lessons and learning; even celebrity gossips and stupid topics. Do not read books in bed to relax. Instead, talk to your spouse. Being aware of each other's feelings and thoughts prevents miscommunications and conflicts. Bed talk is one way of knowing each other. The more you know each other, the better you grow together.

2.Bedtime is the best time to unload everything. Share both the best and stressful ones to your spouse. Refrain however if the story leaves you sleepless. Sleep should give you a good rest. Again, sleep in a way that energizes, strengthens, and boosts your health.

Falling asleep in each other's arms will give each other a feeling of a secured environment to lean on against anything in life. Dopamine makes that feeling. Our brain releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical, when we are touched. Moreover, embraces and caresses stimulate a better bed talk. They surely connect, strengthen, and improve your bond to your spouse. Touch sparks attraction and magnifies intimacy. It indulges play and lightens the mood between spouses for a better bedtime. A balance of work and play creates better relationship.

You can however just relax in bed silently. Enjoy the moment of being together in each other's arms if you are tired of bed storytelling. The mere presence of your spouse, playing, and caressing you is an experience to cherish.

Bed talk and falling asleep in each other's arms are the best ways to end the day together, indeed, even without sex.

"Keep your ring and be Always Happily Married! It is not only easier; it is what you pledged to and be celebrated" - Norman Csarni - Founder of Build My Marriage

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Norman Csarni grew up in Hungary, a communist dominated country. He was 25 years old when he came to the U.S. in 2000, and like many of his predecessors before him, he was in pursuit of the “American dream”. As he passed by the Statue of Liberty, the tears welled up in his eyes as his mind filled with hope for a better life for him and his bride, Victoria.
“Keeping your ring is easier than tying your