You may or may not be aware of this, but while a lot of women want to be beautiful, so many couldn’t be bothered putting the effort, time and commitment to color coordinating and matching their clothes, put some make up on and smile for the day. It sounds crazy, but it's true. Most women only spend time to kick it up a notch when they are young and desperate.

However, if you truly want to enjoy the luxury of having men flock to your side even when you are in a relationship, mind-boggling beauty comes from consistent prioritizing your femininity first, as well as exercise for the maintenance of a healthy, firm, and fit body. Your feminine priorities are to take care of your hair, ensure it stays voluminous and shiny. Your skin is healthy when it is properly moisturized, light, or bronzed with a healthy tan. Your hands and feet represent female gentleness when you take care of them with manicures and pedicures. What is important is that you don’t skip out of these basic female hygenic priorities. When you see something needs to be taken care of, just take the time to fix it and maintain your good image. This way you will know and feel confident about your looks at all times rather than have fearful and insecure thoughts with no reality.

Being beautiful, contrary to what they say, is not skin deep. Others just don't understand that there are other dimensions to being beautiful. Like for example, because men love and adore feminine women, one of the best ways to get into his heart and stay there is to consistently communicate femininity in your speech.

While it is natural to have arguments and misunderstandings in communication are an inevitable part of any relationship, there's a way you can win and make your man melt every time. A smart feminine women knows arguments are pointless. Arguments are futile because no one wins in the end, even when all is said and done. And here's the mark of femininity, tell your man that you will not argue with him when you don't know all the facts. Tell him you love him so much you are doing this to reduce the amount of useless arguments that happen between you two.

If you say it the right way, he will understand and feel you are supporting him. But just so you know, incase you are worried about becoming a push over and letting your man step on you like a door mat by never arguing with him, read the last paragraph again. We are telling our man that we will not argue with him when we have not gathered all the facts. So that means the argument isn't over, nor have you let him push you over. It's just that there will be no arguing, screaming, or animosity until the facts are fully discovered. And here's the kicker, when all the facts are put on the table, usually there is no argument. The facts are always conclusive to one side. But a word of caution. You must be able to separate fact from fiction, or else it will be a point of contention. Thus, so beautifully have you been able to handle a man with so much grace externally and internally, there is no reason why you can not succeed anywhere else you put your effort towards.

Focus on what really matters – finding a man that you like and creating the relationship between you and the one you love.

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