Am I being pushy? This is a question women ask themselves sometimes. A relationship can be awesome. Sometimes, women hardly realized that they are being needy. Maybe, you have experienced this yourself. It is easy to give in to your emotions that you hardly observe you are already being needy in a relationship.

The Incorrect Approach

When winning steps toward intimacy or passion, you must make sure that you know how to measure or gauge your partner's response to your actions. You must know when to wait. Sometimes, women who are too quick to take action are perceived as needy. For example, if your date went so fine, do not immediately ask for another date the next day. Let the guy ask you out. You do not want to appear. Often, guys need some space to think. Even after they have a great time with you on your date, he will most likely want to think and assess if he would like to go further with you. If you are wondering, “Am I being needy?" The answer is obvious. Yes, you are.

The Correct Approach

If you would like to communicate your interest without sounding pushy, you might want to say, “I had a good time. I would like to see you again. What about next Saturday" If your date showed interest, he will likely respond with, “I had a great time as well. I would really like to spend sometime with you again. What about Wednesday?" By taking this method, you will be able to confirm your interest and excitement without sounding pushy or needy. You will be able to give him his breathing room without eliminating the opportunity to get his feedback.

Passion and romancemust be in a certain balance. It is necessary that you do not push your partner into anything he is not ready for. Do not push him into going to the next level when he is not ready for it. Let the other person to process his thoughts and give him enough breathing room. Let the other person to initiate. Being needy and pushy generally create a feeling that you have low self-esteem.

The next time you ask yourself, “Am I being pushy?" Observe yourself because you just might be. Take it slow. Always respect the other person's boundaries.

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Karinna Kittles-Karsten, The Love Educator, is the founder of an online dating and fun couples membership site. She is also an internationally recognized relationship expert. I sincerely hope you've found this article about relationships informative. There are a number of sites and articles that can tell you more about relationship advice and online love school.