The most feedback taken from the 360 degrees is that it is the largest investment that is made from it, the inventories or others yearly employee performance appraisals hoping to give leaders the tools to improve their leadership skills. Moreover the benefit is that without the professional delivered 360 feedbacks the most executives will not take action on this emotionally charged, it is the invaluable data. Probably it is the most common for the executive to feel confused by their 360 degree feedbacks, that’s why need to focus on the negative dismissing the positive and the remaining unclear about what to take.

The 360 degree feedback benefits are involves employees, co-workers, managers, and organization. It proves the strengths and identifies weaknesses in the employee’s performance; basically the feedback that is taken from the multiple sources that are in agreement about what’s evaluated about us tends to be very credible. If it is properly used the 360 feedback creates a positive attitude of change in the way individual works. The 360 feedback system has greater focus on the competencies as well as the behaviors rather than the basic job requirements, skills, experience, motivation, inspirational, and objectives to do, moreover the performance. These logic aspects could be addressed the appropriately by the workers and the management as a part of a yearly review process with the performance appraisal.

The benefit of 360 degree feedback perceptions is reality and this process helps the individuals understand how others perceive them, uncover blind spot, the feedback is essential for learning, some others benefits from 360 degrees are like,
• It supports teamwork by involving team members in the development process
• It is also used in the organization that reinforced the corporate cultural by linking survey items to organizational leadership competencies and company values.
• Improves the customer services by having customers contribute to the evaluation process.

Generally the 360 degree feedback is the new and powerful observation tool in generating the feedback that lead to the behavioral change and gives the better result. It is mostly be observed that the benefit where is more taken, while the 360 feedback administration used to be the extremely complex as well as the advancement on location it makes as the surveys administration as easy as using a word processing program. It makes the individuality of the business more prominent that make it popular and easy to communicate.

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