Benefits of Dental Implants

Most seniors believe that they are out of options when their teeth have failed, and they almost always turn to dentures. While dentures do act as normal teeth, they are difficult to maintain and can be a hassle to insert and remove from your mouth. Tooth implants can be inserted instead of dentures, and they act as normal teeth. This option seems more appealing to seniors because they are easier to maintain, and they come with many benefits. Dr. De Andrade at Anthem Periodontics and Dental Implants will provide you with an easy procedure to install new dental implants. One of the main benefits you will receive after getting dental implants in Las Vegas is that you will never have to take out your false teeth. This is the main pet peeve of having dentures, as they must be taken out every night to be set in a glass of water. Another benefit to these implants is that they act as normal teeth. The main issue with dentures is that they may fall out at any moment, which can be an annoyance. Tooth implants act as normal teeth, making them much easier to maintain.

Why Choose Implants Instead Of Bridges?

Dental bridges are often a highly admired choice among seniors when replacing teeth. However, dental bridges can be quite expensive and uncomfortable. A dental bridge usually consists of a false tooth anchored between two normal teeth with a crown installed. There are various metals which are used during this dental procedure, and some are very expensive, such as gold. The main reason most senior citizens avoid dental bridges is because not only is it an expensive procedure, but it can also be quite uncomfortable at times. Dr. De Andrade's dental practice in Las Vegas is a perfect place to undergo an implant procedure. Implant procedures are much more popular because they are less painful, and in the end they would act as any normal set of teeth would. Dental bridges usually require a gap between two teeth, which makes this procedure very rare. Implants are a more common procedure among senior citizens simply because they are missing more than one tooth, and the gap can be potentially bigger than required for a dental bridge. Dental bridges are susceptible to damage, and so are implants. However implants are often installed with titanium, one of the strongest metals. This makes implants a permanent oral solution.

Anthem has been placing implants since early 2000 in Henderson, NV a close suburb to Las Vegas and now has a second location in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Featuring state of the art equipment, committed participation in the leading professional organizations pioneering tomorrows dental care and consistent ongoing education for its employees, Anthem ensures its patients that they are using the best available treatment methods.

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