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SAP implementation refers to the idea of an organization embracing and utilizing software applications and products in its activities. It was started in 1972 by IBM in an effort to enable customers to be able to use a common database belonging to the organization. The success of this innovation has led to an increasing use of SAP products in organizations and businesses all over the world.

The major benefits that an organization faces upon implementation of SAP include better communication and that employees are supplied with the same information. Decisions in such organizations are made faster, and the overall goal of business efficiency is achieved. An organization has the ability to properly manage its finances and its production operations using their preferred SAP products which are supplied in a client to server tier in comprehensive packages. A company may also be able to reduce its costs in areas of internal accounting and reporting.

SAP implementations are normally not integrated by many companies due to the high costs of implementation and purchase of the required software and hardware. This problem can be solved by hiring software development experts instead of purchasing the product. This will also serve to develop software that fits the exact needs of a company. Some of the software’s may not be flexible in their functionalities thereby forcing the company to remodel the products before implementing them into the system.

Implementing a new system of products to some employees may be difficult and time consuming. This can be remedied by introducing the SAP products one by one and providing enough education to every employee to ensure the products are fully embraced by the company before completing the implementation process.

SAP implementation is a long term investment and the desired benefits and profits may take years to be realized. Thorough financial planning should be done to ensure that there is enough capital for the entire implementation process. Various implementation methods are available to fit the needs of most companies. The implementation process requires deep research on the needs of the company and expert planning is expected in designing the required architecture. The management team should be able to put together a table showing the activities that involve the SAP implementation process starting with the project preparation to introducing the SAP system to the users.

When performing the implementation or an upgrade of SAP the management team should put into consideration the latest available version of the desired product as well as its success stories and good reviews. One should also consider the applications that are supported by the SAP version and how already existing data will be migrated to the upgraded version.

Large companies such as the Robert Bosch GmbH company implemented SAP at least a decade ago. Technology giants such as Ericsson and Hewlett Packard have been founded on SAP. Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. are just a few of the automobile companies that are proud to be using SAP. These and many more companies have chosen to implement SAP and have their high profits and good products to show for it.

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