Abacus is an instrument (counting device) that was invented in the ancient times for calculating numbers through a basic arithmetic system. Anciently, the abacus and counting boards were the only aids which were used to simplify the calculations. And now it is used as a popular tool to help in brain development.
Basically, an abacus is just a simple calculating device but it has gained popularity because it helps in better brain and skill development, especially among kids. Studies have shown that the introduction of the abacus to children at a very young age will develop higher computing skills and will help in skill development. The best time for abacus training is usually the age group between 4 to 14 years. It is scientifically proved that in this age group the maximum percentage of the brain development takes place. So to enhance the child's brain functionality abacus should be used for doing calculations. This also makes the process of learning, fun and easy for kids. The reason that makes this device so popular is its simplicity and to perform calculations very quickly. In this modern era, too abacus holds its popularity as people who regularly use abacus can perform calculations more quickly than who do not.
The abacus is one of the counting devices that helps in counting large numbers. No doubt why the Abacus calculation technique is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculations. Learning abacus also facilitates the visualization skills, concentration skills, improves logical reasoning and recalling strength among children. And also helps in improving speed and accuracy.
And one such another mathematic innovation is Vedic maths. It is actually the mathematics of ancient India or the Vedic period, which was rediscovered by Bharati Krishna Tirthaji in 1965. The whole concept of Vedic maths is very uniquely correlated and unified.
This method is unique than the normal mathematical system used for calculations. The complete set of techniques used in the Vedic Maths helps the users to easily and promptly find solutions to huge and difficult problems or sums.
Thus it is totally fast, easy, flexible system of unified or correlative mathematics. Which results in more creative, interested and intelligent students.
The growing interest and need of Vedic system and Abacus in the education sector have given rise to many institutions which teach this ancient form to the students. And has seen a steady growth in the number of students who enroll in these type of courses all over. As a faster and efficient way of calculation, it helps students during competitive exams where time management is key. The Abacus and Vedic math methods give immense brain power which benefits children of young age by expanding their brain usage, also making maths easy and fun.
As both these methods are proven and known tools, they should be learned from a right institution or training center. One should enroll with a good institute or center which mainly focuses on the right brain development and right use of these techniques for its students.
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