A Pendant set is a thing of beauty for once and a joy forever. Charu Jewels offers an exquisite collection of Designer pendant sets for women that allures her appeal and enhances her style. Charu Jewels offers a distinct range of pendant sets which can stand among the best of pendant set collections. We at Charu Jewels believe that diamonds are nothing in front of women’s happiness which is priceless.
Designer pendant sets with Enchanting floral designs to lovely peacock colour combinations, classic gold pendant sets to adorable gem studding, diamonds studded in series in geometric design pendant sets, drop design pendant sets with pearl are few examples of the best pendant set collection available at Charu Jewels web store.
By launching couture collection, Charu Jewels redefined the pendant sets concept by levelling up to a high fashion design. The exclusive couture diamond pendant set collection for women are rich in minute craftsmanship and style. Its unparalleled couture pendant sets for women includes designs from heavy designs with diamond and gem studding to lightweight looking designs with dual tone gold and not much diamond or gem studding but still giving a charming look and feel.
The pendant set designs of Charu Jewels are utterly unique. Pendant sets and earrings are also available separately. The designer pendants can be matched with equally classy set of earrings which suits your outfit perfectly. Couture diamond pendant sets have a special demand as it is one time designed only for you.

Pendant Set Collection for Women
--> Daily wear Pendant Sets Women
For a regular usage, the pendant set designs need not be so sparkling. A fine gold pendant with a little setting of diamonds just to add a pinch of glow would work rather than gemstone studded pendants. Gold pendant sets are mostly chosen by working women who cannot carry heavy studded jewellery every time along with formal office wear so they like to wear simple designs which matches with each of their formal outfits giving a simple and sober image.
--> Couture Pendant Set Collection for Women
Women’s pendant sets to be worn at special occasions are desired to be uncommon in style and shine. A wonderful jewellery experience is obvious by Charu Jewels couture jewellery collection. Finely designed pendants with diamonds embedded at appropriate points make pendants look stunning and graceful. Abstract floral designs are all time loved ones. Fancy appearing geometric designs like a rectangular shaped pendant with tear-drop pattern are so hand crafted for never seen design experience. Couture gold and diamond pendant sets are worth swearing.

Men’s pendant set designs are usually not very stylish as compared to women. Charu Jewels has a great collection for men’s pendants too. Not every man like to wear chains and pendants but some men feel it is a matter of prestige and makes a royal impression.
Couture Pendant Collection for Men
The main difference between pendant sets for men and women is that women wear pendant sets as a part of signifying social status of wellbeing while men wear pendants to flaunt their rich appeal and achieve a fancy look. For men, pendants are a matter of carrying iconic and masculine style with gold pendants studded with diamonds. With change in trends, the traditional designs of pendants are classified into themed pendants. Designer men’s pendant are revolutionized into style statements. These custom-made couture pendant for men are made upon special request from clients.
These couture pendants are always unique. Various designs with white gold and real diamonds, dual tone and multi tone gold are offered.
There is a tradition in some families to wear their family’s religious idol’s pendant in that particular style, all this can be easily customised by clients from Charu Jewels.
The main reason behind couture jewellery collection is easy availability of lovely designs that catches eyes and heart on figure tips thus saving precious and valuable time and providing the best jewellery collection to the customers through web store of Charu Jewels.

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