While many owners have decided to add a septic tank septic additives There are many facts that homeowners should be aware of. First, the additives are divided into two main categories: chemical and biological. Chemical additives include organic and inorganic compounds and bacteria include biological, yeast and enzymes.

Many homeowners are additive because they believe that they help to settle the contents of a septic tank, digest organic solids more effectively scale capacity to breakdown in the system, or to dissolve the clog in the system of absorption of the soil.

Many septic additives contain enzymes and can be purchased through discount stores, chemical companies and suppliers of septic pump system.

There have been many studies on septic tank additives in the last 40 years and is still much debate about their effectiveness. The reason that the issue unresolved because of the number of supplements on the market today and not established standardized methods of testing all of these supplements.

To this day, there is a raging debate between independent researchers and manufacturers of the additive above which additional effects beneficial effects and harmful. The debate revolves around the fact the anaerobic decomposition process is actually useful in septic systems.

You should not include supplements. Bacteria that are added to the septic tank additives are already in human faces.

Chemical additives include caustic hydroxides and sulfuric acid, and should not be homeowners. These additives can permanently alter the characteristics of the absorption of soil, destruction of the bacterial population in an infected system or contaminate ground water. These products often helps manufacturers by helping to restore the bacterial balance in the tank and as a tool for regular maintenance, it is not, as the bacteria already found in human feces.

You may find that some manufacturers claim that the supplements help to regulate septic tank with regular use, serving as a maintenance tool. This is not so regular septic tank pumping and scheduled maintenance is required, even with the use of additives.

This debate will be resolved only when the investigation conducted by an independent and impartial companies or researchers. Then there is no comprehensive information on the effectiveness and limitations of septic additives.

The only way to resolve the dispute would be through an independent and impartial research conducted by supplement manufacturers, research centers and universities. It will be what the consumer will have full information on the effectiveness of septic additives and their limitations.

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