Tired of shelling out loads of money just to buy dog food from commercial manufacturers surrounded by bad issues? Not sure if your pet is getting the nutrients that it'll need to get through the day? Then why not consider making your own for your pet? Homemade dog food is becoming more and more popular. Many people switch to this alternative because it's safer. They know just what it is they're putting in their pet's food. With this method of natural food preparation they can control the dog's diet, making sure that it gets its nutritional needs, and leaving out the other unnecessary bad stuff.

Not all dogs are created equal - they come in different shapes and sizes. Different breeds have different nutritional needs - you can't give a a chihuahua the same nutritional diet as you'd give a Great Dane. But in general, dogs basically need 30% starch, 30% fiber, and 40% protein. If you made up your mind and chose to switch to making homemade dog food, be sure not to do it drastically. The transition of the switch must be slow and gradual. One way of doing so is to mix portions of the commercial food that it is used to eating with the food you've made.

Like say starting with a 15% natural with 85% commercial mixture. As time progresses increase the percentage of the natural food, until it reaches the point where its meals become 100% natural. Suddenly serving homemade dog food might not work for some pets. They have the tendency to not eat much of it or none at all. The sudden switch can also cause digestive problems - so do it slowly. Protein plays a big part in your pets meals. This is what basically helps it grow. The best source of this would be lean meat such as beef, turkey, and chicken.

Fish is also good. It is but the utmost importance that you cook it before serving it. Raw meat is also a great source of bacteria. It can lead to other sicknesses which, in some cases, could be fatal. So do not feed your pet uncooked meat. Protein can also be found in organ meat, like the liver and kidney. The other nutrients and vitamins that it will need can be found in vegetables, such as peas, corn, carrots, squash, and lettuce. These veggies also contains antioxidants, which can do wonders for your dog's health. Add these with meat and your pet will surely enjoy its meals.

Buying and preparing your own food is actually cheaper than buying commercial dog food from the market. Not only that, you don't need to worry about the possibility that your dog could get sick from eating something bad. You'll gain more control over your dog's diet, supplying him with exactly what he needs. Its safety and well-being will be secured. And lastly, you won't have to see the veterinarian as often. Saving you from the burden of paying for countless check-ups, undergoing extensive treatments, and buying expensive medicines. That would put your mind at ease and keep your pet happy.

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