Need marriage separation advice? Does the thought of separating from your spouse sound like a good idea? Well, unfortunately my friend, everything that sounds good is not good. As a Christian, you must be very careful that you are being led by the Holy Spirit and Godly principals rather than by your own desires and frustrations.

While many psychologists promote separation as a good way for couples to save their marriages, that advice should not be embraced by Christian couples. Am I saying a Christian can never separate from his or her spouse? No, I'm saying separation is not pleasing to God. Marriage was ordained by Him to be a lifetime covenant. Simply put, when you and your spouse separate, you break that covenant.

As a Christian, you can't choose to obey certain scriptures while ignoring others. Your life is suppose to be governed by God's Word in it's entirety.

"Since they are no longer two but one, let no one separate them, for God has joined them together, Matthew 19:6."

But what if there's abuse involved? Certainly, if it's an abusive relationship, measures should be taken to protect all parties. Often times, in such cases, separation is the only option in order to guard the life of a spouse or a child.

If you are experiencing marital problems that seem insurmountable, first step back and assess the situation. Next, look for any areas in your marriage where Christian principals may not have been applied. Finally, make a decision to implement the necessary changes. If you need additional help, seek Godly counsel from a Christian counselor.

There are certainly other reasons why we discourage Christian couples from separating that are not addressed in this article. We invite you to visit our website for complete details and marriage separation advice suitable for Christians. We'll be waiting for you at

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