Have you thought about what is the greatest blessing? I think it is is the blessing of life, the miracle of life. Let us transform our life into a living blessing. Let us endow it with qualities that add to life, by being a blessing to ourselves and others. May we all be a blessing to ourselves and others. Here are a selection of blessings that do just that.

B: Blessed with life, you should appreciate that to be alive is a beautiful blessing.
L: Let us transform our life into a living blessing. May I be a blessing to you and may you be a blessing to me. Live each moment as if you are a walking miracle, because that is exactly what you are.
E: Endow your life with the best and brightest qualities, ones that add value to your life and everyone around you.
S: Surround yourself with the highest and best words that add to the meaning of life and your life.
S: Soak in these words and be a living blessing: May I be a blessing to you and may you be a blessing to me. These are superblessings that make this world such a better place to be in.

Y: You are a blessing aiming to achieve superblessings.
O: Overwhelm your life with blessings.
U: Utter devotion to blessings will result in greater blessings for you.

B: Better worlds are created by better contributions. Think about your contribution and how the world benefits from you being here and now.
L: Living life to the fullest is so important.
E: Endings should be sweet. The Chinese have a proverb that the banquet always ends at some stage. Make sure you have a good banquet and that the ending is good.
S: Savor your life and make it as sweet as possible.
S: Savor and enjoy the journey.

Y: You should throw aside your fears. Face your fears and conquer them. You have had a good life. That is what you should be able to say when the end comes.
O: Ostrich behavior may work for the ostrich but not for humans. Think about what people would say about you in an obituary. Write a brilliant one now and work to make that a reality.
U: Ultimately, no one gets out alive. So make the living the best that you can.

B: Bless my life. I bless my life every day by living the best I can.
L: Live it up. Every day I live it up.
E: Embrace life. I embrace and enjoy my life.
S: Smile on your life. I smile as much as possible on my life.
S: Sweet thoughts about life and death make both life and death more palatable. Sweet thoughts are mine always.

Y:You have a great life. I have a great life too.
O: Our lives matter. My life matters too.
U: Understanding brings wisdom. I am wise too.

B: Believe that you are a lucky person, because you are lucky. Bless all the good luck you have in your life. Believe you will always be lucky and that the luckiest outcome will take place.
L: Look back at your whole life, and consider the luck you have experienced. Learn to always say thank you for all the good times because these are the periods when you are experiencing luck.
E: Expectations play an instrumental role in your life. Expecting good things generates positive luck and lucky circumstances for your enjoyment and to take advantage of. Expecting to succeed generates a powerful power that transforms most situtions for the better.
S: Skills give you options and the power to overcome challenging conditions. Such skills are bound to lead on to luckier situations.
S: Set yourself a lucky challenge. Sing to yourself from now on: I am lucky, lucky, lucky.

Y:Your luck is what you make it. Make your luck the best that it can be.
O: Opportunities are your chances to realize the blessing of good fortune. Overflowing abundance teems in this universe of ours, so accept that abundance and make the most of it.
U: Use the luck you have. Use it to your best advantage.

B: Blessings of luck are mine, mine, mine. I am blessed always with the best of luck.
L: Lucky, lucky, lucky am I.
E: Extraordinarily lucky am I because I am alive and in the frame of mind to enjoy my luck. I enjoy all the luck in the world.
S: Seeing, sensing and believing increases the luck factor and my luck quotient. Seeing each day as an opportunity, I enrich my life by making the most of what I have.
S: Seeing each day as a lucky day, I feel so alive, well and great.

Y: Yes, I am lucky, truly lucky.
O: Opulently lucky am I.
U: Unusually lucky am I.

B: Be blessed always with the best of luck.
L: Lucky, lucky, lucky are you.
E: Enjoy all the luck in the world. Extraordinarily lucky are you because you are alive and in the frame of mind to enjoy more luck.
S: See each day as an opportunity to enrich your life by making the most of what you have.
S: See each day as a lucky day and a great day to be alive.

Y: You are lucky.
O: Opulently lucky are you.
U: Unusually lucky are you.

B: Beautiful speech is a boon to society. Brain power includes the ability to process information in the most constructive way. You may see and hear evil but it does not have to drag you down if you evaluate all information by looking for the blessings and silver linings in each situation.
L: Live and act with kind thoughts because speech is the end product of our thoughts. Thoughts come first so kind thoughts inevitably lead on to kinder, nicer speech.
E: Embrace the philosophy that we should see the best in situations and speak in the highest terms.
S: Smile and act like it is a wonderful day to be alive. Let this smile go beyond your face and let people feel it is in your voice too.
S: Speak to others in kind and positive terms. Think and speak to yourself the same way.

Y:You are in control of the timing of your speech. So before you speak or respond to speech, take a moment to be truly thankful. Thankfulness has the knock-on effect of making speech more considered, mature and constructive. An injection of thankfulness can work wonders on uplifting both thoughts and speech.
O: Offer your love, your kindness, your time, your attention to yourself and receptive people in your orbit. At the very least you will uplift yourself and you may help a few people to boot.
U: Uplift your thoughts and your speech to the highest levels. Think of it as an journey to go higher and higher in your thoughts, deeds, actions and speech.

B:Brim with positivity and enthusiasm when you are learning. You have to do it, so tell yourself you will enjoy the journey as much as the outcome.
L: Learn, learn, learn. You can do it.
E: Engage with your learning material as much as possible. Do it in the way that works best for you.
S: Style matters, or in other words the method of learning is key to successful learning.
S: Sustainable success comes when you put all the learning techniques together and use them well.

Y:Your mind is a machine that works best when you feed it with information in the way that it can appreciate.
O: Opinionsplay a vital rolein some situations. In the learning situation, your opinion that you can learn and benefit from your leaning will add weight to the process and help you to learn more successfully.
U: Understanding how you learn is an important component in a successful learning outcome.

B: Blessed am I with greater learning abilities. Every day I brim with enthusiasm for learning.
L: Learning is easy for me.
E: Enthusiasm for learning is easy for me.
S: Success comes easily when I focus on the learning process and enjoy the journey.
S: Successful learning comes easily to me.

Y: Yes I can learn and I am a successful learner.
O: Optimism is key to my learning success.
U: Use it or lose it. I remember to use it every day.

B:Boldness and bravery tempered with wisdom provides a firm foundation for successful conversations and communications.
L: Listen, listen, listen. Learn more by attentive listening.
E: Exchange ideas. Conversation is not a contest, it is an exchange.
S: Seek to understand the points of view up for discussion.
S: Speak with respect. Show respect because by showing respect you are communicating your respect for others.

Y: You can show respect and still politely disagree. You can communicate more effectively if you listen effectively, respect the speaker and enjoy the conversation.
O: Opt to make better communication skills part of your strategy for success.
U: Understanding the communication process and utilizing this process to maximum effect will pay dividends in better relationships and greater social and business success.

B: Balm of life, patience is a real balm and reminds us to keep calm because waiting for things to happen is part and parcel of this worldly existence. Building up patience skills should be one of your priorities, so that patience really is your balm of life.
L: Looking at life with the eyes of patience, you will see more of life’s blessings and treasures that otherwise you would be too busy and impatient to see. Living with patience permits you to develop the persistence to create things of value.
E: Everything improves with patience. For the masters of patience, it is a panacea, reducing stress and facilitating relationships.
S: Serenity is a by-product of patience. See and experience more of life when you determine that whatever life throws at you, the response will be a serene one.
S: Strengthen your powers to be patient and rise to higher levels of peacefulness. Success comes when you act with urgency, but then remain patient as the results materialize.

Y:Your ability to be patient is a profoundly powerful tool for dealing with all challenging situations. You are the person who benefits the most from your patience. Remember that always.
O: Opportunities abound to practice patience. Make the most of these opportunities to become a past master of the skill of patience.
U: Understanding the power of patience means you always do the best that you can do but in the knowledge that results may take time.

B:Building up your powers of persistence will pay dividends in any endeavor you want to undertake.
L: Look forward to your goal and see it clearly. Looking forward increases confidence and combined with persistence propels you towards your goal.
E: Effort that is repeated again and again will lead on the exceptional results. Extraordinary persistence combined with ordinary abilities can lead to extraordinary results.
S: Special skills are not necessary. You just need the ability to keep on going with even more determination than before.
S: Step by step and often just one more step will do the trick. Persistent people weigh up the options and the consequences, and then take that next step. If you can make one step, you can do it again and again and again and again. Step forward again and again on the road to success.

Y: Your level of commitment, which is another word for persistence in this context, can make all the difference in achieving success.
O: Outstanding opportunities open up to those who are willing to be persistent while taking action.
U: Utilize smaller opportunities so that you can attract the bigger opportunities. Use your persistence to help you achieve the desires of your heart.

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