It is believes that most diseases begin with the accumulation of toxins in our body. In order to reduce or get rid of the toxins, people usually carry out body detoxification process or commonly known as body detox. There are numerous ways of performing body detoxification such as through special diet, fasting, herbal, colon hydrotherapy, supplements and many other. The most natural way of body detox that I would like to recommend is through fasting especially juice fasting.

Fasting with raw or green juices demonstrate far better results and usually has less significant reactions like water fasting may have brought about. Fasting by drinking only water definitely helps to accelerate the cleansing process and getting rid of massive amount of toxins from our body, as water is mainly used to wash away the toxins without replenishing any nutrients needed by our body. But bear in mind that too fast the cleansing or detoxification process will cause tremendous stress on the organs of elimination especially liver, kidney, intestines and etc.

On the other hand, raw or green juices are easy to digest by our body. While carry out the detox process, they also provide some necessary nutrients and add alkaline to our body. Some green juices are rich in antioxidant that can destroy free radicals from hamper our immune system. One of the good examples is wheat grass juice, it is a very powerful detoxifying agent that can protect us from carcinogens (an agent that causing cancer), increase enzyme levels in our body and help to builds red blood cells as well as stimulates and regenerates the liver. It is of utmost important to make sure that the raw juices are produced from organic fruit, vegetable and other green plants, so that we do not add unnecessary pollutants or toxins into our body while performing the detoxifying process.

While fasting with green or raw juices, it can also be supplemented by water, lemon water, herbal teas or probably a diluted fruit drink. It is strongly suggested to consume at least 8 glasses (8 oz per glass) of raw juices during the fasting day and take the last drink at least 3 hours before the bed time. It is important to take good care of your breakfast the day after the fasting, so that it gives a chance to your digestive system to slowly waking. The appropriate breakfast to wake up your digestive system is no doubt a mixed fruits juice, a watermelon or apple might be a good choice to start with if you are not too sensitive with sugar, otherwise try a cucumber or squash juice.

It is advisable to start with the fasting frequency of one day a week and when you feel more comfortable with the way of detoxifying your body, you can certainly prolong the fasting period to few days course but only if you are in good health. Always consult a professional for guidance if you intend to prolong the fasting period. Please be aware that most of the people will see some reactions during the first few time of fasts, you may feel tired or irritable during the fast but those are normal and expected reactions. There are simply the healing symptoms that caused by the releasing of toxins from the body cells. These reactions can be reduced by consuming more liquid during the fasting day especially the raw or green juices.

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I am retired nurse who like to learn different type of healthy eating knowledge and share them with others.