Are you in “Does he like me? Does he not like me?” mode.

Well, stop.

Women are more creative than men. They tell men "we’re interested in 50 different ways". Men are not that creative – they hate communicating in a layered manner.
When you think men, think Adam Sandler. They’ll whine for a dine, and ask straight for a date. When they’re not expressing their interest in words, they make about 10-12 different body moves. Do you want to know what these moves are? Here we go:

How to tell if a guy likes you by reading his body language

1. Eyebrow curtain raiser: Women raise eyebrows when we see an interesting man. When that interesting man looks back at you and raises his eyebrows as well, there’s some chemistry about to happen. Both of you will feel the vibes for each other. So, whenever a guy interests you, get your observation powers in overdrive and keep looking at his eyebrows. But, hey, don’t be conspicuous.

2. Bull and Bear facial: If he finds you interesting, his lips will part like a bear’s lips do when he sees a honeycomb. If his nostrils flare and his brow raises and his eyes widen like a rampaging bull’s, then you can tell that he more than likes you.

3. Army Inspection: Men like to show off their rugged physique to women. So, if he likes you, he’s going to stand erect like they do in the army. He’ll puff his chest up and tighten up his muscles. Then, he’ll get close to you because he wants you to inspect his body. He’ll even orbit around you like you’re the sun and he’s your planet. His eyes will scan your body and he’ll let yours scan his. They did this back in ancient times as well – only difference was that clothes were not invented then. If he’s sitting afar, he’ll widen his legs and let you eyeball what you have missed.

4. Talk to the hand: If he’s next to you, he’ll place his hands on his hips to show off his V-shape and confidence. Men place their hands on their most beloved body parts. So, watch his hands when he’s chatting with you – hands on lips means he wants to French kiss right now, hands rubbing chest indicates he’s in a lovey-dovey-touchy-feely mood, hands elsewhere can mean different things, and it’s up to you how you interpret his hand gestures.

5. Jacket racket: if a man chats with you and plays around with his jacket buttons, it could mean he’s in awe of you. If he unbuttons the jacket and stands next to you with full confidence, it means he likes you and has gotten over his awe. If he takes off his jacket, he’s already dreaming of dropping you home and of you asking him to come on up for a cup of coffee.

6. Pay attention: Does he like you when he adjusts his tie or hair or jacket while chatting with you? Does he like you when he does crazy things to grab your attention? Does he like you if he deserts his friends to hover around you? Well, we don’t know about love, but all these signs sure mean that he’s trying to get you to notice him.

7. Hem and haw: Is he hemming and hawing over you, touching the small of your back or guiding you by holding your elbow or touching you on accident every now and then? If he’s doing all this, it means he’s attracted and wants to be with you.

So, you wanted to know how to tell if a guy likes you, didn’t you? These are the signs that he's hooked. Make sure he’s single and steady before falling for him.

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