India, the birth place of Lord Gautham Buddha, makes it a sacred place for the millions of Buddhists. There are many places in India that are closely linked to the life of Lord Buddha including Lumbini where Buddha was born, Gaya, where he attained enlightenment, and Sarnath where He gave his first sermon and in Kushinagar, where he attained nirvana, which makes India an important Buddhist destination.

A Buddhist pilgrimage tour is the right option to trace back the steps of Lord Buddha, which will take you to some of the lesser known facts and truths about his life and teachings. There are many Buddhist monasteries and caves that shed light on the teachings of Lord Buddha. Ajanta caves contain carvings and paintings that depict Jataka tales related to Buddhism.

The Buddhist Temple Tour will cover various temples and monasteries that are scattered all along India. Lumbini temples, Bodh Gaya temples, Kushinagar temples, Sanchi temples Sarnath temples, Ajanta and Ellora cave temples are some of the must see destinations. These temples built in the exceptional Buddhist architectural styles are epitomes of peace and beauty. Part from being spiritual destinations, these temples will help you to seek the inner truth and to find compassion and love in others.

Lumbini is a world heritage centre, which is thronged by people in the quest of salvation. The main attractions in Lumbini are the well preserved palace where Buddha lived till the age of 29 years and the holy pond where Buddha's mother took a dip before Lord Buddha was born.

Bodhgaya, in Bihar is revered place for Hindus and Buddhists alike. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment here and there are many paintings and books in these monasteries that reveal the life and study of Lord Buddha.

Sarnath, the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon to his first five disciples is another must see destination. Buddha crossed River Ganges on foot as he did not have money to pay for the boat to cross the river. When the king of Varanasi came to know about this, he gifted a sprawling ground to set up monasteries for the propagation and studies.

Ajanta caves in Maharashtra is subtly related to Buddhism as the three out of the total four caves contain paintings and sculptures of Jataka Tales associated with the life of Lord Buddha. The sheer beauty of these paintings will attract everyone and not just the Buddhists.

Ladakh in the northern tip of India has also many monasteries and Buddhist temples that draw not only pilgrims but also tourists who are interested to learn more about this ancient religion that is deep rooted in the principles of non violence and brotherhood. These monasteries, nestled in scenic and serene locales make perfect locations to learn and to meditate and are treasure troves of many ancient relics and Buddhist art collections.

Some of the Buddhist Places in India that cannot be missed out in Ladakh region include the Stok Palace, near eh town. Dating back to the 14th century, this sacred shrine was founded by Lama Lhawang Lotus. Monks The monks of the yellow hat sect reside in this palace now and carry out studies and teachings on Buddhism. In addition there are many ornate monasteries in Ladakh including Namgyal Tsemo Gompa and Sankar Gompa among others that have rare Buddhist manuscripts and antiques.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour will indeed be a good option to trace back the origin of this ancient religion, which has its roots in India though it failed to thrive due to various factors

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