Solid customer relationship is an important piece of any business strategy. If you run an online store, provide services or just share information on a blog, you have to engage your readers and clients from time to time. Newsletter subscription is probably the most effective way to establish healthy and professional communication with your audience. It’s a really powerful marketing tool, of course if your emails are informative and customer-oriented. Still, modern internet users are quite picky and simply sending them an email once in a while is not enough. Today we'll talk about PSD to Email conversion, one of the best techniques for newsletter enhancement. Seems like a lot of stuff to discuss, let’s dig in.

What is PSD to Email conversion?

Guess we all receive dozens of colorful and creative emails every day, those are some promos, news digests or sales announcements. Such emails are not just regular text messages, but real masterpieces with pictures, non-standard typography and interactive elements. Today a lot of web masters create such works by applying coding of images to web. This process is called PSD to email template conversion and below we will study it in greater detail. If you were wondering how to create such beautiful emails fast and cost-effective, that is where the conversion makes a true difference in the development of your marketing goals and strategy.

Super briefly about the conversion process

It all starts with the layout of the future message. Designers take the text you want to share with your recipients and intertwine it with visual inners of the email using Photoshop program. One of the formats you can save your files in, working with this editor, called PSD. Still even the most beautiful design mockup can not be viewed on the internet. That's why once the image is ready and saved as PSD, it's time to convert it.

On this stage the creative part of work is over. To make PSD file readable by web browsers, programmers use HTML (hypertext markup language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). They code divided into segments picture, make the email responsive so that it would look equally well on any device, test it in different browsers and presto, your message is ready to go.

What's so special about it?

Converting PSD files to your company's or personal newsletter has lots of benefits over other ways of emails creation. Just consider:

Highly customizable templates

Each brand is unique and all customers are different. The style of your e-newsletter is also crucial for a brand identity. Knowing your business goals, your target audience and special aspects of the niche you are working in, it is possible to develop a unique brand recognition. Converting PSD files to HTML emails you are able to implement numerous customizations along with exclusive designs.

Interactive opportunities

HTML email is a great way to hide a lot of information behind various interactive features. Conversion allows adding links, buttons, polls and other goodies to an email, which is much more fun than a dull list of a text only and much more effective for conversion rates.

Email client friendliness

Due to a high flexibility of the technique, such converted templates are widely used with different email clients, desktop and web-based both. Such a compatibility is very helpful in reaching as many audiences as possible worldwide.

Unique look

Hand-coded HTML emails are clean and tidy. Professional conversion ensures pixel-perfect coding which, in turn, allows you to live out the most challenging designs. As well as website design, the unique spirit of your newsletter is a part of company's image, with its help you can attract more customers and differentiate from competitors.

As you can see, converting PSD designs to newsletter has an impressive number of advantages. Try this useful technique to enhance your email marketing and enjoy positive feedback of your recipients.

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