If your child can sit unaided once, a chair is actually a must have. But what types are there? And where you have to be careful when buying? Here are some tips so you can make the best choice for you and your child.

What are your wishes?
The question of which is the best chair, is difficult to answer because it depends entirely on what your wishes. Want a chair where your baby can use from birth or even use a chair from the time your child eats solid food. And where are you going 'm using. Home of the chair intended as extra or to take on tour? If you often and will use at home, it is designed to be robust. Looking for a chair that is needed occasionally, then a collapsible model or hanging chair convenient? Check this out.

Types of highchairs
High chairs are available in different sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Below an overview:

The baby high chairs are most most popular at this time. These kind of chairs can be used from birth through the teenage years. In a highchair, the foot rest and the seat surface is adjustable. As your child grows, you can adjust the seat easily. If you go to the table, your child feels a part of the company. This chair, you can directly put on the same level to get to the table.

The latter can also be a disadvantage, because if your child is at the plates, bowls and cutlery, you can not run away just yet to what to pack or do. In this type of seating, it is often possible to purchase additional accessories, such as a table top and a safety harness.

With dinner tray

The chair with dinner tray is probably the best known version. So your child has their own table. This chair does not take much space and is extremely convenient. Your child can eat in the chair, but also crafts.

With table

The high chair with table consists of two parts: the seat (with the dinner tray), and the table. You can adjust the seat often on the table. So that it takes up less space. If you eat baby, you can set aside the chair and table. Often the table is not really used because the seat already has a dinner tray.

If you have limited space at home and around the dining table, the folding chair is ideal. The name says it all, you fold the seat easily and put away when you do not need it. One drawback is that the seat is quite small and relatively quickly your child grows out of the chair. Often, this chair can only be used up to the third year of life. When buying a folding chair or on its security. The chair should obviously not collapse unexpectedly.

Hanging Chairs
Hanging chairs take up little space. These chairs are fastened to the table top with a clamp. This chair is useful for when you go on vacation or if you often get visits from people with small children. The light version of the chair can take it easy. Tip: Measure the thickness of your table and check whether the suspension system dedicates enough to hang the seat at the table.

Buying Checklist chair

  • Choose a chair that is easy to clean: If small children eat, it is often a mess. Therefore it is important that the chair is easy to take off. Choose a chair with smooth surfaces and little corners and crevices.
  • Make sure the child is safe: This seems obvious, but this sort of highchairs not always comply with the safety requirements. One requirement is that the chair is stable and sturdy. A crotch strap bracket and make sure your child stays safe in the chair.
  • Ensure correct posture: A good chair is designed so that your child can sit in a correct posture. Elbows or at the same height as the table and two thirds of the thigh rest on the. The upper and lower leg are placed in 90 degree angle.
  • Is the seat easy to clean. This is a daily chore. Very useful when it quick and easy to do. Therefore, choose a chair with smooth surfaces, no fixed cushions and little corners and crevices.
  • Which accessories you can buy with it? It's not compulsory, but many high chairs can also buy accessories such as seat cushions, table tops and Safety Harnesses. These are functional and convenient. A big variety is available online while you can buy other brands there such a set. Therefore always check what is included in a chair and what you have in additional to buy.
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Misty Jhones