Executive Coaching

The benefits of having an executive coach help your staff can reflect positively not just in your financial results, but also through your company’s brand and reputation. These leaders provide your company a growth outlook that will benefit everyone. An executive coach can play the role of a mentor for employees and help to empower staff to feel more confident and find more meaning and purpose in their jobs.

Do You Recognize The Following In Your Staff? If So, Executive Coaching May Help:

Lack of Team Spirit – Do your staff prefer to work alone? You may have a fantastic staff of brilliant specialists, but if they cannot work well together, some coaching may help. Coaching can help to bring the team together into a smooth functioning squad ready to tackle larger challenges.

Underdeveloped Skills – If your IT head person cannot provide a good sales presentation or your accountant is too timid to enforce valid cost cutting measures, your staff’s underdeveloped skills may be costing you a fortune.

Unfocused Employees – Are you having trouble obtaining efficiency from your employees? They likely have great capabilities and potential, but may need just a little assistance staying focused on the bigger picture and the company’s ultimate goals. Executive Coaching helps employees become more focused and organized. It helps them have a clearer mindset and well-defined priorities.

Receiving Higher Authority – When promoted, some employees don’t perform as expected in their new roles. Executive Coaching can prepare employees to perform at their best in their new positions.

Personal Baggage – If someone’s emotional state is being affected by their personal life, it often can reflect in their work. Additional, peer judgment can pull down one's efficiency even further. Executive Coaching can address coping mechanisms and offer tips to help employees going through a tough personal situation.

Executive Coaching, Positive Outcomes Can Include:

Improved Staff Action – positive performance changes

Improved Staff Perceptions - Better views, ideas and problem solving mindsets

Improved Staff Functionality - Changes in management, cooperation and communication skills

Executive Coaching training has become very popular in the corporate world. There are a number of useful resources to help you find a qualified coach to help your staff reach new levels. James R. Elliot in Toronto, for example, runs a variety of programs to assist corporate teams, including empowerment workshops.

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