Infertility is the rising problem among various couples. Baby making procedure seems pretty easy but in reality it can be tricky. Around millions of couples are infertile today which means they are unable to conceive even if they have had unprotected sex regularly for six months or one year depending on the age and have not been able to carry pregnancy to its full term.

Several reasons are yet noticed behind the increasing issue of infertility among young couples and hormonal imbalance is one of them. So how hormonal imbalances affect infertility? Basically hormones are chemicals released by some organs and affect the body processes by travel through blood stream to other organs and tissues. In an old fashioned way you need three basic things to get pregnant an egg, a woman to ovulate and healthy sperm. Right timing is the biggest criteria in this procedure, sex need to be well timed and in addition your body processes also need to be well timed.

Level of hormones change time to time in our body and hence changes our body’s capability of conceiving. When a woman’s menstrual cycle begins, the pituitary gland produces FSH (follicle stimulating hormones) that increases the level of estrogen in body and provides a signal to pituitary gland that an egg is ready. After that pituitary gland triggers the ovary to release the mature egg and at this level ovaries starts begin increasing the level of progesterone that prepares the uterus lining for pregnancy. Your body continuous produces progesterone if egg is fertilized and implants and if not then its level falls and menstrual cycle begins for this month.

Women after the age of 35 or more start entering the peri- menopause state and leading to irregular menstrual cycle which results in low level of estrogen and hence resulting in inability of ovarian that response to FSH hormones. On the other hand, the level of testosterone starts dropping down in men when they get older. This increment in the level of by product prolactin of testosterone leads to many problems such as abnormal sperm production.

Sometimes living a good lifestyle also cause infertility because women who have been spent so much energy on daily sports like playing tennis, running or jogging have nothing left for the function to produce eggs and same for men also. Moreover our diet containing meats and high level of saturated fats leads the over production of certain hormones and hence disrupt the normal menstrual cycle and sperm production in men such as erectile dysfunction. Thyroid hormones that plays an important role in many body’s system also cause infertility. It may disrupt woman’s menstrual cycle or sometimes not allow ovaries to produce enough progesterone after ovulation.

But if you are infertile don’t worry because with the support of advance medical science today there are several treatments available that helps you in conceiving your baby artificially.

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