In past articles, we have discussed and emphasized the benefits of winter tires. It is clear that snow tires are incredibly important when it comes to maximizing yours and others’ safety in rough winter weather. The right time to change your snow tires back to all-season or summer tires, on the other hand, is much less obvious.

Generally, you should switch from snow tires to all-season tires once the snow has cleared and temperatures start to rise. As a rule of thumb, you should take off your winter tires once the average temperature has risen past 7°C. Neglecting to switch back to all-season tires can reduce the lifespan of your tires and their effectiveness on the road.

All-season tires are made to perform well in all kinds of road conditions, from dry and hot pavement, to slippery and wet streets. These tires will give you the most bang for your buck, as they provide the best all-around traction in all types of weather. In addition, all-season tires are known for being reliable and long-lasting.

If you have the right equipment, changing your tires is a relatively straightforward task. First, you’ll need a flat surface—your garage could work great. Place a heavy object, like a brick, behind your back wheels. Then, you will need to use a car jack to elevate the frame of your vehicle near the tire you are going to change. You should raise the jack until it is supporting, but not lifting, your vehicle. Using a cross wrench, remove the hubcap and loosen the nuts. Next, you need to use the jack to lift the tire slightly off the ground. Once you’ve done this, you can remove the nuts and take off the tire. Then place the new tire on the hub, tighten the nuts, and lower the frame again. For more detailed instructions, you can consult one of the experts at Tire Discounter Auto Centre.

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