Private label restaurants offer high quality of salt and pepper to flavour your food. Peppercorns and rock salt is packed in pet bottles with grinders. So when you want to flavour your food you can grind the pepper and use it. You will be able to enjoy your food with freshly ground pepper. These products are cleverly designed. When you want to flavour your food with salt just turn the bottle and move the cap in the direction of the arrow and you will get freshly ground salt.

You can get pet bottles as well as glass bottles with grinders that can be used to flavour the food.After the salt and pepper is used the grinder can be disposed so you have no sanitation and contamination issues.

Personalized Salt and Pepper Shakers for a Wedding Anniversary

If you want to give a present for the wedding anniversary you can have salt and pepper shaker customised for the occasion. It is handmade item which is customized with a picture of the couple. If you want names and dates, it will also be included on the shakers. These shakers will have to be hand washed carefully not to wipe out the painting.

It will take two weeks from the time you order and send the photos to get the hand painting done. This hand painted salt and pepper shakers cost $70 and if you like to add the picture of your child or pet you will have to add $10 each.

How Salt and Pepper Shakers can be Brand Ambassadors

You can get salt mill sets or grinders and more which can be sent to your friend as a gift with a message. This will help your brand message to be in the busiest rooms in the house. It is also ideal to be distributed as promotional brand to your colleagues in the office. Besides this you can also give other items such  as spatulas, measuring cups beside other items.

You can get beautiful stainless steel pepper mill and salt shaker which comes with a ceramic grinding mechanism. You can adjust it for fine and coarse pepper. If you buy 25 pieces it will cost you around $26.25 per piece while if you opt for more the price will reduce. Standard production will take seven days.

Bottled Water with Custom Label

If you are looking for bottled water with custom label, the company also offers bottling of water besides blow moulding custom services. And they are also becoming environment friendly with regenerate bottle,which is made from recycled pet. If you have decided on a private label bottle then you can choose between natural spring water and purified water. The labels are printed in-house with the help of Heidelberg Press which uses digital imaging.

This printing uses less chemicals then traditional press. You can get full colour 4/C labels with no extra charge. The labels are designed 100% waterproof and will not come off even if placed in iced water.

If you are looking for Private Label restaurants, you can get salt and pepper shakers with grinders which can be customized and give to friends for birthdays.

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