In this age of information overload it can be difficult for a busy student or professional to stay organized. Notes, reminders, web research and more can pile up on the computer of even the most technically savvy user. Circus Ponies Software has developed an award-winning, easy-to-use application designed to help everyone get their computer lives in order like never before. Thier NoteBook software allows users to take notes, capture web clippings, store documents, create sketches and diagrams, and keep all of it organized and easy to find when you need it.

Circus Ponies' NoteBook program is designed for any computer user, from the casual to the professional. The software has the look and feel of a real paper notebook, with information organized across pages, tabs and sections. This familiar notebook look makes it easy for any user to jump right into the program and immediately begin organizing their life with very little learning curve. While NoteBook appears simple at first, as you use it you will begin to discover more and more of its features. For example, NoteBook includes a full-featured outliner which makes it easy to organize large amounts of info. Its voice-annotated notes feature creates an audio recording as you take your notes. Just click the speaker icon next to any note to play back the recording from the point you started typing that note - very slick!

What really sets NoteBook apart from other similar but simpler note taking software is its Multidex. The Multidex is a set of pages at the back of every Notebook that makes it easy to locate information using whatever you remember about it. For example, if all you remembered about a particular note was that it mentioned someone's name, you can find it on the Capitalized Words page. Or if you remembered you added it last Monday, you can find it on the Creation Dates page. Everything you put into NoteBook is indexed - not just the text but also things like when you entered or changed it, keyowrds you tagged it with, and so on. The Multidex uses this super index to automatically display the contents of your Notebook in fourteen different ways. No matter how little you remember, you can literally find anything with just a few clicks of your mouse.

NoteBook was originally written for the Mac software platform but Circus Ponies recently created NoteBook for iPad. You can open and edit your Notebooks on your Mac or iPad, and changes are automatically synced between them using Dropbox. The great features and ease of use have made Circus Ponies' NoteBook the premier note-taking software for Mac.

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